Pairing Plinius 9200 pre-amp w/ Nuforce Ref 9 amps

I've been seriously looking at adding Ref 9 Mono's to
my current system:

-Plinius 9200 Integrated
-Cambridge Audio 640C
-Dynaudio Audience 82 speakers
-Tranparent MuiscLink interconnects
-Transparent MusicWave cables

I have not found any reviews or feedback on pairing the
pre-amp section of my Plinius with Nuforce Amps. Has anybody done/heard of and reported such an experience - if you do would you please share it with me? all feedback would be appreciated..
I would pair your Plinius pre with a Plinius amp.
Would like to test the waters with the Nuforce Ref 9's and eventually build a second system around these if their raving reviews meet my ears expectations - even though I personally found Plinius amps hard to beat according to my experiance! The reviews and the price point for those puppies sound incredible!
Much bigger sonic improvements can be had by upgrading your source before your amplifier. As good as the 640C is, it is still a budget CD player and rather out of it's depth in your system. If you put that money into a CD player from Naim or Copland for example, I believe you will yield a much greater sonic gains than you would upgrading the amplification.
I agree with fourcheeks about the source, but would add Exposure, Arcam, and Musical Fidelity to the list.
I agree that the Cambridge CDP is the weak link in my system so I went for an adeventurous upgrade - swapped it with E5 Esound from in HKong. I can summarize my experience as follows:

- The unit has arrived in excellent shape and it was a
timely delivery - the packaging was immaculate and
very professional. The documentation is great!

- The sound in my system has improved profoundly. It has become very lush with great detail and an amazing imaging and soundstage. It has also become very natural and has a tube vibe to it.

Note that the player has costed me USD 1000 including delivery by DHL - I find that it surpasses its league in terms of price point.

Not to hijack this thread. I believe you have a great unit in the Plinius 9200 and the quality is much higher than the rest of you components. Not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve in pairing it with Nuforce amps but I believe it would be wiser if you look into the source and speakers if looking for an overall improvement. If I were you, I would upgrade the source first, then the speakers.
Sorry, I totally missed out your last post. Glad you have found new enjoyment in your E5.
Hi Ryder:

Yeah, I am very satisfied with my front end upgrade. I agree that the Audience 82's are not up to par with the Plinius (even though they do a great job in the mids and highs given the kind of music I listen to...mostly Electric Blues) - I 'll be looking at an upgrade in the not too distant future - which, at that point, becomes a project with a fair amount of budget constraints!

thanx for the followup and comments..