Pairing JL subs w/the Confidence line, possible?

Was at a dealer yesterday, and one of the guys from Dynaudio was there. He seemed to think that the F113's from JL just aren't quite fast enough to keep up with Confidence line. He thought that REL was a much better match. I personally much prefer the F113 over the G2, just my taste. Has anyone had any experience mating JL subs with the C1, C2 or C4's?
Have you thought about the new JL E112? They have built in high pass crossovers. I have not heard dynaudio speakers.
I have a few customers who went from Rel to JL speakers. And I have many customers who went from Rel to Monitor Audio. No clients who still prefer Rel.Rel is often not syngron with the speakers. In the past I sold a lot Rel. I never found Rel good enough for myself to buy.