Pairing Cary SLP-03 with Cary CAD-280SA V12

I just purchased a preowned CAD-280SA V12, I would like to know if the SLP-03 preamp will be sufficiant in the near term with the V12. I have been told it will not be a good match. I have an Adcom GTP 600 solid state, would I be better off using the Adcom or purchasing the SLP-03? I will be upgrading to a better preamp down the road,(SLP-98) Also, any suggestions on other brands? I plan to purchase the preamp preowned, my budget: $1000.00 to $1500.00.

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I can tell you from owning a V12R that the SLP98 will work very nicely, but the CAD 120's is a match made in heaven. Hold out for the 98.
A few years back I had both the slp-03 and v12i with hero interconnects and i found the sound to be boring and lacking in dynamics. I then used the v12i and a adcom ??-750 pre (the one with the gold rectangle) and the sound was much more lively and dynamic. Better. I found the slp-03 to be too soft.