Pairing an amp with the B&W CDM7 NT...

I recently overhauled my system to include a pair of B&W CDM7 NT's and an Anthem AVM20 preamp. The final (and crucial) piece I need to purchase is an amp. I figure solid-state not tube.
I listen to mainly darkwave and electro, synthpop and trip-hop, all consisting of lots of blips and glitches. My thinking is that I need an amp that will obviously compliment the speakers for my type of music, but I can't tell if the B&W's are on the brighter or warmer side.
Can someone please help!? I'd love to start listening to these on a good system! Thanks a lot!
Symphonic Line amps are very powerful and fast. I would look for an RG1. Your music needs muscle to control the woofers. Massive power supplies and caps not specs are what you are looking for.
Thanks for the recomendation Sardonyxx! I'll check out the Symphonic Line of amps.