pairing an amp and cd player with B&W 685

So after several months of browsing audiogon and the various other "audiophile" sites, I still find myself (information overload) stuck in a vicious circle.

I am looking for an amp and cd player to pair with B&W 685 (bookshelves), and would like to spend ~500-800 on each component. I have found the high-end a bit sharp on the 685s, and have been looking at tube pre-amps recently (Jolida 1501 and the Shengya A10), but also at the Musical Fidelity (e.g. x-150) range. Based on the money I would like to spend, I would be happy with used components.

For Cd players, I have been thinking the Jolida jd100, possibly a rega unit as well. For the J100, not sure whether pairing it with the jd1501 would be too warm (though I would prefer an "easier" listen), so I would welcome a response from anyone with that combo.

Any advice, recommendations on the aforementioned components, or for alternatives in the ~500-800 price range would be much appreciated. Looking for a slightly warmer sound and also want the flexibility of having multiple inputs/outputs (for cd, tv, dvd, pre-out/powered sub).

Also, if you have any associated speaker wire/interconnects for your recommendations, ideas are most welcome.

I am based in Washington DC, and have been disappointed by the area's audio stores for demos, so that may make decisions even harder. If anyone knows a good store in this area, please let me know!

Many thanks in advance for the advice!
I have had the 685's for a year and they sound great (I use the plugs w/o the center closed) and the highs are wonderful. They each sit on two Symposium Fat Pads, on desktop (well worth the upgrade, IMHO). I paired them with a Cayin A50T Intergrated amp and I am very impressed with the sound. (Not really efecient w/TRIAD but perfect with Ultralinear). I am using my PC in lieu of CD Player (firewire out into M Audio Fire Wire Solo, into Monarchy DIP into Musical Fidelity XDAC V3 with PSU) and the sound is so good it scears me. They image incredibly well, are very transparent and revealing and the female vocals are magical. My main rig is solid state ad I always wanted to hea what the tube thing was about. The 685's sound great and now I know what the fuss about tubes are.

I use Nordost Red Dawn IC's and regular Monster speaker wire-biwired. There are 4 single ended inputs.
Many thanks for your comments. I took a look at the pic you have of your office system. Very impressive! Unfortunately, my 685s are for my main system. A first foray into this wonderful world, if you will.

My room is probably about 12 foot by 16, so am not sure whether I would get enough out of 35w. Also - would be curious to hear your take on using tubes in any everyday system: to run cd, dvd, tv, etc. What's the timeline for replacement?

Thanks again.