Pairing Aesthetix Calypso w/ Pass Labs or Plinius?

Would a Calypso mate well w a Pass Labs 250.5 or Plinius
102 or 301?
I own the Calypso and a Pass 350.5, and it's a beautiful combination.
There's a review of the Calypso on Audiogon which the reviewer has paired with the Plinius SA-102.

I own the SA-102, and hope to add the Calypso pre this spring / summer when I have spare funds.
Contact A'gon member, Jadem6. He runs the Calypso into a Plinius 102. He has reviews of both of these two. Very well written. Check the reviews section.
Here is a link that asks a similar question. There is a reply on 6-02-07 from Jim White, the designer of Aesthetix gear.

My Aesthetix Calypso packed full of new Teflon caps , sounds just wonderful paired with Pass Labs " Rushmores" speakers with built in power amps.
Hi Jebsmith73,

Do you know which caps were upgraded? Did Jim do this work? Can you explain what benefits you got from the new caps?
Calypso w/ Conrad Johnson 350 solid state amp?

I did the Teflon mod myself.The power supply was also improved
with much better diodes.