Pair of JL Audio F110-Good Subs???


Im in the Market for a Very Good Subwoofer.
How does the JL Audio F110 10in subwoofer rate?
Im thinking about getting a pair of F110s.
The Subwoofer will be used for Music and Movies.
My room is 15Wx23Lx8H

They would perform very well in a room that size. If critical accuracy in music is what you are after, these will fill the bill perfectly.
How would the pair of F110 subs do on Movies?
I don't know about the f110's but my f113 is great for movies and music. Jl subs are better than good in my opinion.
Thanks for your response,So two F110 subs should be
as good or better than a single F113?
"Thanks for your response,So two F110 subs should be
as good or better than a single F113?"

No, they may play as loud as a F-113 but not as accuratly.
No, they may play as loud as a F-113 but not as accuratly.

Looks like the F113 should fit the bill. I know that two
F113 would be over-kill,maybe Two F112 would be Perfect.
If money's not a issue, I would do the two F112's. I believe your room's too big for two F110's and I believe you would be happier with stereo F112's over the single F113 for music listening. Just my .02.

How do you like the Martin Logan Dynamo subwoofer?
Very nice system that you have.
Thanks, Alpha. The Dynamos are nice little subs for the money and they integrate well in my two channel only setup. I cross them under the low frequency of my monitors and, in my room, I don't need hugely powerful subs. The Dynamos would probably be a bit light for HT (I use a ML Depthi in my HT setup). The JL subs should be excellent doing double duty for music and HT.

I went with a pair of Klipsch THX Ultra2 KW-120
subwoofer. The Ultra2 system consist of Two KW-120
subs with a 1000watt KW-1000 THX amp.

I knew the subs would be Great on HT, but to my surprise
they are very good on Music. They go very Low with no
over-hang.Extremly tight and Fast.The THX Ultra 2 Subwoofer
system is not part of the Regular Klipsch subwoofers.
The system list for $4100.00 new.

Info on the Sub can be found at
I called JL Audio when I was shopping. The techs said for their own systems, they prefer two f-112's over a single F-113. They felt the detail was better reproduced. Makes perfectly good sense, too. Both are certainly great reference, statement quality subs.

I have and enjoy a SVS Ultra 13 very much for both music and HT. My top choice would have been two F-112's or possibly two F-113's. i'd have to look over stats and subjective reviews closer again.

Consider one and add another later. Expensive and reference quality, yes. This level of gear should not beg for replacement anytime soon.
I have a SVS Ultra-13 now, its very very good on HT!
I listened to them and also the REL B3. I picked a Paradigm sub 12, although the JL was outstanding
The Paradigm Sub-12 is a very nice Subwoofer-Congrats!

I just added 2 JL f113s to my 2 channel system. They are very fast and so far they have been easy to blend in with my front speakers thanks to the use of the calabration mic and the LFE trim for low level bass. I am not finish setting them up yet but so far so good. I hope these are my last subs!

On the front wall of my system I have had the Aereal SW12 it is also very fast and I was happy with it till I heard the f113s. I also had the Rel Stadium III, I did not feel it was fast enough for 2 channel. I have found that the f113 is better than both and has much smaller foot print to boot. I did change to 2 sub for stereo this time though. I still have a Rel Statium III in the rear for HT use and will sell off the Aereal SW12 shortly. I will try the JL f113s with the HT system after I finish with the 2 channel setup.

My room is 20'X15'X8'.
A couple questions waht are you main speakers you are trying to blend them with? Are you going to use them more with HT or music. Do you perfer rummble or very percise base.

I listened to the Paradigm and the svs both are nice but if you are doing a pair the JL is a better set up since they can be linked and I liked the JL better but the other tow are excelent subs.

I would usally recomend the 112 for music and the 113 for movies, they are slightly different sounding. The 113 the sweet spot is a bit lower. I think the 110 is a nice sub I haven't listened to it but I would try to lean to the 112 even if it means only getting one. The 110 might be a better blend if you are using bookshelves or non full range mains. Any way you go JL makes a killer sub.
All of the JL subs are excellent performers - and their pricing reflects that. Bear in mind that, while there are tons of expensive high end products that are mediocre, the JLs actually -IMHO- largely justify their price tag.

I've seen test results that indicate that the SVS subs are about as good (for dual use music and HT) and much less expensive. They are bigger and the finish is not as nice as JL. Caveat: SVS recommendation based on word of mouth and tests only - not auditioning. OTOH, I've heard most of the JL line and came away impressed.

Importantly - if you take the time to optimize location, 2 mediocre subs will almost always produce much smoother response than a single great sub - generally better for music. The single sub may go deeper and reach higher clean SPLs, however - generally better for movies. Pick your poison. In this case, I'd personally go with 2 110s.

Good Luck

I can verify the SVS PB 13-Ultra. I have not heard a better subwoofer. I have not bought the SVS EQ-1 yet but I am sure from hearing the results after one has incorporated it with there sub the PB13-Ultra tops the Jl's. Period. Most who buy them- keep them. Lots of used JL's sell online, no used SVS's, that tells ya somethin'.

Regards Bacardi
The SVS Ultra-13 sub is very impressive,tons of output
and deep bass. I prefer the 15hz mode in my room. If you
have the room(its a large sub)I say go for it!
Alpha3, I noticed the little rubber feet are too short and the sub sits too low to the floor. I had Hifi Pyon custom make a sub platform($600shipped) for it with resonance isolation feet under platform and under sub. Wow what a difference it made. I have never heard better bass, controlled, defined, and really tuned the pitch of the bass. It was well worth the money and it is still way lower in price than a JL Audio F113...:)

Regards Bacardi
If you have the room, look into the Mark Seaton Submersive.

Just a comment on Bacardi's comment re: SVS subs w/EQ-1 being superior to JL. I'm sure that he's right. I also suspect that any half-decent sub mated to an EQ-1 (or Velodyne SMS-1) PEq unit will outperform a superior sub with no PEq - particularly for music. (As to HT performance, the JL and SVS subs both appear to be stellar performers. Again my opinion on the SVS must be qualified by my comments re: no first hand experience in my previous post.)The SMS or EQ-1 can be used with any sub, including the JL. Note that the EQ-1 requires a x-over unit ahead of it in the chain, as it was presumably designed for use with HT receivers or pre-pros. The SMS-1 includes a built in crossover but -IMHO- it kinda sucks, so you'd probably want a separate x-over for high pass anyway. I use an NHT x-2 for this purpose.

Good Luck.

Alpha3, for your size room I would recommend going with a larger driver. I don't believe 10" is going to give you the volume and compression you need for movies.

I went through the whole subwoofer snalysis paralysis about 2.5 months ago and ended up pulling the trigger on two Rythmik Audio F-15's. I haven't looked in the rearview mirror once since owning them. Having done my homework I liked the fact that Rythmik was supplying a lot of seasoned DIY sub builders with their Direct Servo drivers and I appreciated the non-ported design for audiophile applications. I recommend you check into Rythmik Audio.

PS - I'm not a dealer, have no affiliation whatsoever with Rythmik Audio. I'm just a satisfied customer.
Does anyone have pair F112?
I have a pair of f113s.
I have a pair of 112's. Love them!
JL makes the best sub
And I use a Velodyne
Any trades
I just picked up a JL-113 and she smokes my DD-15s,now I'll
be upgrading to 3X113,totally impressed with the 113.