Pair of 1968 Lowther TP1 D corner speakers

Hi all,
I have a vintage pair of 1968 lowther TP1 D speakers. These are the loaded with PM3 a, all original through and through. Cabinets are in great condition for age, could do with a polish and a grill cloth clean, but no real damage.
I've not had these running for over 10 years, and no longer have the amp to test them.
I know they are very collectable, but what is a fair price for these? I am not looking to rip people off, I just want some advice on a fair price. I have never seen this particular model up for sale, so just,wondered if any experts out there can give me a price range deemed fair

Thanks in advance.
Take a look at these
Thanks Alan, much appreciated
I found one of those Lowther corner horn models (unsure of model number) at a garage sale more than 20 years ago. I'd heard of Lowther but never listened to one. That one had a metal dealer tag from Hong Kong inside the cabinet. Once a small wiring problem was repaired it sounded quite nice driven by a Dyna SCA-35 as I remember. I sold it to a Lowther collector in San Francisco for $250 plus cost of air freight. Remember that was back in the early '90s.
thanks guys. suprisingly lowther inform these cabs are worth between 2-6k depending on condition and these are in pretty good shape, ive seen some on a japanese site that sold for $15000 so i think i need to get these insured.