Pair of 1530's to repair and sell or just sell

Newbie here with too many hobbies. I have a pair of ADS 1530 speakers, They work and sound great, but trying to get a smaller and easier to move pair of modern speakers.
These speakers need some work as the speaker cover material is cat shredded. Also the bass driver cones are dented at the central dome. The rubber at the edge of the cones has a cut in one or two of the drivers. Anyone have a recommendation to get these fixed?
What are they worth?
Should I just sell as is or fix and sell.
Greg Saulnier
If they were in better condition, I’d be interested. Those speakers had a very transparent sound as I recall. Too bad about the condition. As I recall those speakers sold new for around $2500. The Audiogon Blue Book shows around $700 (in decent shape) or $500 as a trade-in. Re-coning the drivers isn't hard, but you do have to ask yourself if it's worth it. The cabinet condition should be a factor. You can find re-coning material from Simply Speakers.
The speakers are history give them to the Salvation Army Thrift store.