Paintings, Artwork, Poster's let's hear it.

After spending a pro-longed "session" of music listening tonight, I was curious...what focal point do fellow users use when listening to music. Perhaps, people close their eyes; I don't. I have a nice James Lumber Gretzky painting hangin above my stereo, that I use.

Many times I've thought about hangin other art/paintings/posters. Perhaps a nice Jimmy Page, Kurt Cobain (too depressing though) or Janes Addiction as a focal point. I've never been into art that much, althought it would be nice to spruce the room up and use it as a focal point.

Let's hear what's hangin on your walls. I'll admitt, I like a few postings i've seen here with old jazz/blues players framed in black even thought Blues represnts 10% of what I listen to, it just brings it all home for me. That's where it all started for rock.
Been collecting Japanese scroll paintings since the 1970s. I have one hanging behind my system. I change it once a month.
I have thought about this before, and tried a few things including:

signed limited edition Jimi Hendrix picture
a modern painting of the interior of Royal Albert Hall
posters of vintage covers from the "Absolute Sound"

All of these ideas can be nice to decorate your listening room or home theatre - if you like it and it brings you happiness, then it works.

in the end, however, I would rather stare at a fireplace, a soft light, the LED of a power amp, darkness or even a point in space to have the most transcendental listening experience.

Staring at Jimi Hendrix, when listening to say, choral music, might not enhance the experience.
Try a nice fish tank with big fish, they move more slowly and are a pleasure to watch.
My current listening room (not the one posted as my "system" room which is in need of an update at this point), has two abstract paintings on the wall. The one I face directly when listening is an encaustic that shows a dark, monlolithic shape...could be a dark doorway, or could be a solid shape...from which seems to be radiating circles of light or energy...well, at least that's how I see it. It is entirely up to the viewers interpretation. The painting is by my old friend Jaq Chartier. She has since moved on to other visual syles (still abstract, and still in encaustic). Another painting I have of hers, "White Lights" appears on the Foo Fighters 1995 self-titled release, and is somewhat of a precursor to the work she's doing now. Needless to say, I am a big fan of her work. I like abstract work as it allows my mind to wander...seems somehow more akin to the way I see music in some ways.

One of my favorites is Steve Steigman's "Blown Away"
I also enjoy staring at nudes while listening to music.
I decoate my listening room with original art work done by my daughter or grandson. My daughter did a painting reminiscent of Picasso (to me anyway) that is very nice to look at and always receives compliments. Behind the listening seat is a large painting my grandson and I did on canvas with 2 inches of batting behind it for sound absorption.
I paint as a hobby. I have about 60 paintings all over the house. So My last painting goes between my speakers and I look and think of all the improvements that I should do.