Painting old speakers (Dynaudio C2)

As shown above, I never really liked the bright yellowish maple color of my C2, after consulting plenty artisans, I finally finished a repainting the C2 with the following process. 

0. Tape masked all the parts I don't want the paint to touch
1. Sanded the speaker to remove existing stain and protective coating
2. Brushed with few layers of charcoal / carbon color milk paint
3. Sanded a few times (from 80-150-250-400 grit)
4. Brushed with charcoal distressed stain
5. Waxed to seal everything up

It now has a matte, black rusty wood look. I didn't find many painting discussions so hopefully this is helpful for those who're looking to repaint old speakers. One biggest take away here is - painting isn't hard and it's pretty fun to develop further bonding with your speakers :) - it's easy to mess up but also super easy to fix, just sand and paint again!

I've considered vinyl, but they don't have the texture from wood painting and doesn't have the tactile feeling from paint + wax. The other thing is cornering with vinyl is really tricky for a box (it's easier for cars as you can wrap underneath panels and hide the edges).
It’s hard to tell what it really looks like from that one photo, but it seems flat black. I would call it a "special taste " sort of thing, but you’re the only one who has to like it!
I did something similar last year, where I bought a pair of 80s speakers at an auction ( $9, can’t remember the brand, but they were mid-fi), repair the cabinetry, painted them white, re-screened them in white, re-foamed them and gave them to my nephew as a starter set.  Not a hi-fi system by any means, but I got to nurture my nephews love of music for a pittance.  And I got an opportunity to strip down a pair of speakers and save them from the landfill. 
I don’t get it. C2 come in black ash finish as far as I know. 
You are right, you don't get wood grain, and that can be a blessing.  Does anyone really want to go back to the middle ages of black oak veneer? 

Seriously, put some color into your living room. :)