Painting Grills for Built Ins

I have a 5.1 HT system that needs to have the speaker grills painted? How is the best way to do this??


I just did mine this past weekend. I had to use a Wagner sprayer, set to "fine" and do a couple of VERY light coats. I tried to use a foam roller with light paint, but it immediately filled the holes with paint. I had to run to the sink and rinse them off.
If you can get a spray gun it will work best.
If your grills are metal I would spray paint them with a paint intended to protect the grills from rusting. Buy a can of spray paint that closely matches your decor (e.g. Tremclad or the like) and apply several very light coats. Spray from at least 18" away, very very light coats.
Most automotive paint supply companies can custom make a spray paint to match any colour. The bouns is that it can be in spray can type of applicator.
When spraying make sure to do it in sevaral light coats and do it in fanning motion.
Good luck,