Paint that helps diffuse sound?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal about a doctor that built a new $3 million dollar house to house his own organ, indicated he used a specialty wall paint to to help diffuse sound. Anyone done the same?
That must have been the doctor that hung himself.

I'd love to know how a flat paint film could diffuse sound? Sounds like a case of a reporter unfamiliar with acoustics using the word diffuse when they meant dampen. There is sound absorbing or dampening paint. If there were a textured "diffusion" paint, its diffusion characteristics would have to limited to extremely high frequencies (unless someone has figured out how to circumvent the laws of physics and acoustics.)
Machina Dynamica Clever Transportational Magic Reflective Paint.
a doctor that built a new $3 million dollar house to house his own organ

Thankfully, I don't need $3 mil to house my organ.

And yes RF shilding paint does exist
The thing I find more incredulous than sound diffusing paint is that a doctor is able to purchase a $3 million house. At least for those of us who are younger physicians, the only thing we'll have approaching $3 million is our student loans.

Stealth paint- iron balls, nano-tech, etc. to make aircraft invisible to radar. I
think it absorbs, rather than diffuses. To paraphrase Michael, the thing i find
incredulous is the line about building a house to 'house his own organ.' But,
I'll leave it at that. :)
PS: just found the article online. Pretty interesting- I grew up outside of
Pgh, PA, and a neighbor had a barn that housed a huge pipe organ that
this man had worked years to restore and assemble. Labor of love. I say go
for it if it makes you happy.
A rough surface will diffuse the sound. Sound will travel along a smooth wall and a hardwood floor, like a wing it will sail. You can mix your own paint. You just need to know what to add. Tom
What if it doesn't sound good after you finish painting? Lots of things sound good on paper.
Automotive undercoat. That would look great.
I thought people studied medicine to save lifes, not to make money.

$3 MM barely buys a 2 BR apartment in New York these days.
I suspect blue walls would sound the best and green ceiling. Yes, I'm serious.
Cwlondon, that was kind of my point.

Lead paint have RFI shielding.
It also holds up much stronger than any other paint. I think it's still used to paint steel vessels.
That's a very nice home organ setup referenced from what I read.

Whoever wrote the article might be willing to investigate the sound diffusing paint used in more detail if asked. I can't find any reference to such a thing via google search otherwise. I guess there are some things that cannot be Googled effectively. Which means, Machina Dynamica will be all over it. Ask Geoffkait about it or just keep an eye out there and see what might pop up.

Blue walls and green ceilings.

You can't make this up folks.
why not, one other found tweak will bring a small or large fortune stripped from foolish. i always respect that but don't buy of course.
I do this inside speaker cabinets and works well. Only thing stopping me from applying the same formula to my dedicated room's wall is my bride. It was built to be my space but over the years that distinction became blended. Tom

Gotta realize that things like color may have an effect on peoples mood more so than anything else and mood can definitely affect how one reacts to what one hears.

"Just playing those Mind Games, together...."
i just imagine walking into audio store that has paint section like home depot LOL!
Mapman, you must have read that the color industrial green is excellent for both government workers and prisoners alike, tending to make them more relaxed and easier to influence.
Or a store that sells and installs Energy joke. Tom