Paint on Yamaha NS-1000M Cabinets

I picked up a very nice pair of Yamaha NS-1000Ms a few years ago, in very good overall condition. In a couple of places the paint is scratched. Does anyone one know what kind of paint would be best to use to touch them up? Would it be best to avoid spray paint, even if I cover the drivers?
take the drivers out first, then use the same color paint
It's black. Surely there are thousands of black paints on the market. I was looking for specific advice.
the most important thing is to match up the finnish..flat...satin...etc.
Take them to a body shop if ya want them to look nice,I had a pair of the ns-500 and you will never match the paint or a cabinet maker could cover them in a black formica or what ever they are using now or hey just close your eyes and ENJOY!
There are only a few small scarpes. I can do it myself.
Black shoe dye with sponge applicator