Paid a bit too much for a Citation II...

I'm new to the audio world and probably paid a bit too much for a Citation II tube amp. I'm having it completely restored by a guy up in Canada, but he seemed to think my current amp wouldn't work well with the tube?

The guy that's doing the rebuild asked what I'm using for an amp now and I told him a Denon 2308CI and he said it would work if I have a pre-amp section, but I won't get the best sound.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a pre-amp that I could use for both CD's and records(eventually) with this amp that won't break what's left of my bank?

The speakers that will be driven are a pair of Martin Logan Vista's. Also, is it possible to have it drive a powered sub-woofer too (it's a Martin Logan too)?

Dave B.
The MFA Magus is a nice tube preamp on a budget, if you can find one.
The Magus is a nice preamp. I forgot about that one.
Im using a Doge 8 with my Cit II and am very happy
The budget would be under $1000...
If you can find one, the Magus is often around $400.
A Conrad Johnson tube pre amp Used pv 4 or 5..... Or pv 12.
I don't think I understand. The amp won't work well with the tube? The Citation II is a tube amp, presumably designed to work with the tubes that are intended for use.

Do you mean the Citation II won't work well with your speakers? Or that the preamp you have won't work well with the Citation II?
Sometimes it is a good idea to check the dates on a thread before responding.
Hahah. Yes. I thought it was a current thread given the response before mine was earlier today. But yes, this is over a year old.