Paging all owners of Luminous Audio speaker cables

Hi there;

Recently , I purchased 2 pairs of Luminous Audio Synchestra ICs, the Reference and Signature , and I'm truely smitten with them.
I got them directly from Tim at Luminous Audio, who really is a great guy to do business with.

Now I'm very curious how their speaker cables might sound, and looking for your experiences with those.

Some people here seem to like the Renaissance cables, as I learned from this forum's archive , did anybody try the Synchestra Signature yet ?

I am german, and there is no european distributor of Luminous Audio products, thus no chance to audition them for free, so I'd greatly appreciate to hear about your findings.

Thank you in advance;

Tim is a great guy to do business with. After auditioning the Synchestra Signature speaker cables I was mightily impressed. Only problem is I need two pairs (ouch!) for bi-wiring. I backed away, but couldn't forget how good they sound, so I will have to lay out the long green and buy them. They are very good.