Paging all JM Labs Alto Be owners

We have what I believe to be one of the best speakers in the world.Please write about what electronics you are using and why.I will start out:

Chapter Audio Preface+/Chapter Audio Couplet(430rms)/Arcam FMJ 27.I chose the Chapter gear because of their crystal clear dynamic liquidity.This allows the spectacular Be tweeter to really open up in a very natural way.And the 11" Focal woofer really loves alot of dynamic power.My Arcam is a all around giant killer as I also have a 50" Fijitsu plasma screen between/behind my Alto's.
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Yes, it is an awesome speaker. Currently using Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300, Nu-Vista 3D, Esoteric DV-50S and Purist Audio Design Aqueous Anniversary cabling. I like the punch of the MF gear, but one day would like to see what a Jadis rig would do with this speaker.
Washline-you owe it to youself to hear the Alto's with the new Chapter Audio gear(Preface+ and the Couplet amps).Unfreekinbelieve combo.
Nice to hear your enthusiasm. I don't think Chapter Audio is available where I live. (Outside the US).
Washline- Chapter Audio is from England and has dealers through out the world(USA,Norway,Netherlands,Germany,Sweden,Turkey,Portugal,Slovenia,Hong Kong,China,Japan,Korea,New Zealand,Philippines(from Chapter's website).
I'll think about it. Thanks for the tips.
Washline - Where is home for you?
Seoul, Korea. There is indeed a Chapter Audio distributor here. Someday, I'll check out their gear.