Paganini DAC and transport

Many people talks about Puccini player or Scarlati line, but it´s very difficult to read something about the Paganini line, why?
If I have understanded well from the dCS web, the Paganini transport uses the same transport as Puccini, but Paganini uses his own transformer and power supply in each case(DAC and transport) and the Puccini only one for both DAC and transport, and logically the Paganini should have two control boards.
With this I think that the Paganini should have a sound more similar to scarlatti than to a Puccini, and the price is a lot less that the Scarlatti.
I have heard Scarlatti and Puccini, and they are differents and have different sound, but it has been imposible to me to hear the Paganini, and I will be happy to know if someone has heard the Paganini and which are yours opinions in relation to the Puccini and Scarlatti, because it seems that or you buys the Pucccini or the Scarlatti, but never the people points out the Paganini as option. Thanks.
I have and own the Paganini CDP from Audio Analogue, although I have not heard the other two you menetion. For me Paganini just has the signature I am looking for, in fact if I can sell this one, I will be moving up to the Maestro CDP. Very hard to improve on the single chassis CDP, by moving to separates. I belive I did a review on Audiogon on the Paganini. Superb performer.
Ferrari, thanks for your reply, but I was asking about dCS model named Paganini, not from Audio analogue, but your reply is welcomed.
You are absolutely right Emigene.Come to think of it when I auditioned the dcs range recently,I was shown everything literally except the Paganini.

So out of curiosity,I called my dealer today and he said not many people ask for the Paganini and hence he hasn't bother bringing it in!!!!I ended up with the Puccini,though the stacks were definitely better.
Thanks Fafafion, it´s difficult to understand, I thinks that surely Paganini sounds better than Puccini, and very near to Scarlatti, but a lot less expensive, because the DAC seems that is very very similar, and yes the transport is different, but also is the price.
An alternative is a Scarlatti DAC with an Esoteric transport. The P-70 is compatible with dCS Scarlatti Master Clock and I assume the P-03 and P-01 are as well. I've had both the Scarlatti DAC and Master Clock for about a year. Recently I spent less than $3000USD for a used P-70 previously modded by "The Upgrade Company" and it is a quantum leap above the dCS Verdi.

The new Scarlatti Upsampler is targeted at the computer audio market, but provides another upgrade path to us physical medium users if used with a nice Esoteric transport.

Can't comment on SACD in such a hybrid system as the P-70 is redbook only.