Paean to a Fuse (and a tip of the hat to Chris Van Haus)

It's astonishing that most audio designers and manufacturers neglect an important element in the power supply: the fuse. The stock fuse, while meeting technical parameters, is almost invariably cheap junk. Thanks to the sage advice of Chris Van Haus of VH Audio, I replaced the stock fuses in both my dac and my amplifier with HifiTuning Supreme Cu.  Fisrt the dac. What a revelation. Then the amp. Another revelation. In both cases, I achieved an unmistakeable improvement in clarity, detail, tonal density, air... all the good stuff, with no loss of dynamics. I checked with the manufacturers before initiating this experiement and in both cases I was cautioned that audiophile fuses are not certified to protect their associated circuits in the same manner as a stock fuse. And both added that their product was voiced around the stock fuse and that I should be concerned about altering its sound character. This has not proven to be the case (which is not to say it won't in other instances). After questioning me about the kind of sound I was hoping to achieve, Chris made a recommendation that proved to be prescient, namely, the HifiTuning Supreme Cu. Just to have a comparison, I also ordered a different audiophile fuse of high repute, but I ended up returning it. Thank you, Chris Van Haus, experienced audiophile, straight talker, good guy. Dead on. 
PS. VH Audio carries the HifiTuning Supreme Cu (at a friendly price). As of this writing, The Cable Company and most other parts suppliers, do not. I have no skin in the game, just a satisfied customer...
Unfortunately, they’re only available in the smaller fuse size(thus far).
pmboyd OP
I was cautioned that audiophile fuses are not certified to protect their associated circuits in the same manner as a stock fuse.

>>>>That’s a fals-fals-falsity. Some audiophile fuses are UL approved, some aren’t.
I am also using that fuse in my equipment (power amp / Power supply to dac & phono amp / Transport) with wonderful results from top to bottom. Also bought them from Chris, as I have many other items. Great guy & great service. 
Oops, it's VenHaus, not van Haus. Sorry, Chris.
the Hi-Fi Tuning "Cu" fuse is a gold-plated copper fuse.  It would impart a full/warm type of sound with rolled off highs.  Generally, this fuse is much better than most stock fuses, unless the amp/preamp is voiced so much on the warm side (like Marantz, McIntosh, etc.).  And yes, it's only made in the small 5x20 model.  If you want a similar type of sound but need a large 6.3x32mm fuse, try an Isoclean.  It's made in a very similar way (gold-plated copper elements), but it's likely the Hi-Fi Tuning has superior metals.
The Cu sounds very natural to me. It has all the resonance and sparkle that I require with triangles, harps and hi-hats, for instance.
I’m not saying that it sounds bad. I’m just saying that when compared to other fuses, the gold-plated copper will give a warmth of sound with rolled off highs. It could be that the components in your system are working very well with with this Cu fuse. If you put in a Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme fuse, which is 99% silver, then the sound will definitely be much different (could be too fast/bright and you’d lose the organic feel). Same with other fuses, they all have a different sonic influence in the sound.
True that. Sure helps to have an experienced guiding hand like Chris VenHaus to light the way to the kind of sound character desired for a given rig. 
A pause to the paean, or "Can't stand the paean": If the material in your fuse, i.e. copper or silver or gold or voltage bombarded cryoed spinach stems seems to cause a change in the overall sound of the system, you’re imagination is running wild and, although that state of mind may be fun, it disregards the power supply’s filtering, rectification either tube or SS, and the component’s various wires and other bits assembled with zero regard for wire directionality or the claims of fuse sales persons. Warmth of of brain more likely, perhaps caused by your hat.
Mystery solved! Wolfman and clearthink are the same person! 🤗

I’m giving serious consideration to chucking it all and enrolling in audio engineer school. 😬
What are your thoughts on power cords Wolf? 
Hey Wolf, what are your thoughts on alternative facts?
I do like power cords as they get the AC from the wall to my gear...a good thing. There are no "alternative facts."
A good thing indeed