pads for speakers on stands?

I have my Studio-20s on stands.  The stands have spikes for supporting the speakers, and plastic cups that mate with the spikes.   I don't like this.  The speakers have already been knocked off the supports once and the underside got scratched by the spikes.  Are there any good, soft  isolation pads I can use instead?
I've done a brief internet search but, haven't found what I'm looking for.

You can use Blue -Tak, found just about anywhere or check out Herbies.
Blue-Tak will do the job. Has been recommended for this exact purpose for probably the last 30 years or more. Keep some around the house. It works well for other purposes too.
Blue-Tak ... hmmm .. didn't think about that.thx.
The Herbie stuff looks good too.


Herbies Big Squares,they won't leave residue like BT...
Another Blu-Tak user here.


Sound Anchor stands include round discs both sides of which have adhesive surfaces to secure speakers to their stands. They have uniform thicknesses which are an advantage over the thickness variability of Blue-Tak. I have used both and prefer the Sound Anchor adhesive discs which are quite secure. Perhaps Sound Anchor will sell you a set.


These work fine!