PAD vs VD Master series ayre ?

I've a full set of VD masters (original) on my Ayre system. I like the sound.. much better than the Cardas golden presence I had before... but they are so unwieldy and heavy that they have started to damage my V5Xe. The weight of the cable pulling on the XLR in has the left channel cutting out. I have redone the cable support and that seems to help but I'm concerned.

I've heard great things about PAD cables with Ayre and I'm wondering if they are a bit lighter and easier to work with being they aren't solid core like the VDs? I spent forever bending the VDs and cannot get them to where they aren't 'tweaking' the socket one way or another. They are all on supports to keep the weight from hanging but but the solid core of the VDs means the cable pushes or pulls the socket to one side or the other, up, down and all around, rather than just hanging.

I'm a bit befuddled by which cable in the lineup I should be looking at. A lot of people like the aqueous anniversary, which is a bit low in the line though.

How do these two lines compare?
I had both VD (Nite and Master series) and PAD (Venustas and AA) cables in my system. The PAD interconnects were easier to deal with than the VD. However, I am not sure how they'll sound with Ayre equipment.
i hve not heard the VD stuff but had PAD for quite sometime.
General sound of them: they are a bit dark sounding, some say, rolled off but the details are there.
The highs are not extended but its there. One can notice it immediately.
These are great cables if you have a somewhat bright sounding speakers. They really help.
The PAD have very good midrange, its big, smooth and the bass is volumous.
OVerall, great cables!!
The higher one goes, the more detail and neutral they somewhat become.
Look into the Synergistic Research Tesla series on The Cable Company web site...