PAD Proteus Provectus Fluid Tension

I just received a slightly used pair of PAD Proteus Provectus ICs. The fluid tension in them is much less than in the Aqueous Anniversary and the Venustas. Is this normal for this cable or is this something for which I should send the cables to Jim Aud for repair?


I believe each PAD cable has a serial number, you might call them and start there, to verify length, any service history, and to inquire about your question. Those are very expensive cables, if something does not seem right to you, it would be good to check into it quickly.
I have PP RCA's that can easily be squeezed flatter and will recover to the original shape. If they were bicycle tubes where 60 psi is max they would be 30-40 psi BTW mine are also near new.
Mitch2, thanks. I will give Jim Aud a call.


Thanks very much. Yes, these are about as you described yours. I take that as a sign they are the way they should be.

Hi Ed, my Proteous are like Sam's. Very easy to "squeeze", not much pressure like dominus (fluid) or venastus.

Sounds like you might be ok.

Let us know how they sound next to your other cables !
call Jim -- you will love the IC --good luck --rich
Thanks, everyone, for your help. The Proteus is in excellent condition. I cooked it on my audiodharma cable cooker for about 18 hours and installed between the IO Signature phono stage and the K-1xe preamp.

I've been listening to it for a few days. Very wide and deep soundstage with stable images. Excellent mid-range with nice highs and mid-base. Does not have the full, rich sound or deep base of Dominus Ferox or Virtual Dynamics Revelation 2, but seems faster than the Dominus and more relaxed than the Rev 2. It is definitely not fatiguing to listen to for hours.

Still trying to decide which of the 3 I like best. At this point, it depends on the music and my mood.

Ed--you have about 500 hrs before fully broken in ---they do have full rich sound an outstanding deep bass--rich
btw--great looking system