PAD Musaeus vs. Venustas

I'm currently using the PAD Musaeus speaker cables. I like them quite a bit although the highs are somewhat rolled off. Is there a big difference between the Musaeus and the Venustas? Also, is there a big difference with the Praesto version?
I have an all-Venustas system (plus a Musaeus IC for my tuner, and a couple of Dominus power cords.) There are multiple possible answers to your question, but they depend on your gear -- in terms of matching the capabilities to the capabilities of your system. I find people will often spend money on cables that exceed the resolving capability of their system -- more often than the other way around ;--)
Venustas kills Musaeus. I have had both.
Good point. This is my system;

McIntosh MC202
McIntosh C220
Cary Dvd 7-audio based on the Cary 303/300
Dynaudio Special 25's
Ridge Street Audio Poeima IC's
Purist Audio Musaeus speaker cables.
DCCA power cables for the amp and preamp
Purist Audio Musaeus power cable for the dvd/cd player
Thesoundhouse-can you describe the differences or in which ways it kills it. Thanks.
Venustas is more resolving and has better highs and more controlled bass but go listen to the Corvus, this is where you really start not hearing a cable> Yes a bit expensive but every now and then you can get a nice used pair. I bought mine off of Audioasylum and are super pleased.
The Venustas is much more neutral. It has a bigger sound stage tighter focus with better center image. The frequency extremes are better. The top end has more definition and much smoother than the Musaeus.