PAD Musaeus vs. Kimber Kable 8tc

I am auditioning some PAD Musaeus from to see if the can help tame the last bit of brightness left in my system. I have Thiel cs2.4, a Parasound A21 amp, and NAD M51 Pre/DAC and I currently use Kimber Kable 8tc, and I love how the system is sounding except for this last bit of brightness that pops up on various recordings evey now and then. I find the KK very open with good air, resoving detail and impact, at least compared to the Musaeus. I find the Musaeus tone more natural(warm?)and definately less bright but leaves a bit to be desired in the resolving aspect of the music. I was thinking of audtioning the PAD Venustas hoping that its tone is the same as the Musaeus but with more open, resolving character. Any opinions? I'm also considering the Kimber 12tc because I've heard it doesn't tilt twoards the highs as much as the 8tc, but I'd like to hear some thoughts on that as well.
I just bought the Museaus for my Quad ESLS and it changed my system so much for the better over Nordost Flatline and Red Dawn. Cable Co. was great. Didn't feel the need to try the Venustas. You may want to give Purist a call because in your system, I'm not sure you need to go any further up the chain. They will at least give you some frame of reference.
I just demo'd Elementa Advance. Compared to Musaeus it's definitely more open greater transparency while still having many of the midrange and treble qualities of the Musaeus cables. I would say the Musaeus show a smaller presentation while the EA's give a bigger one. I am also going to be auditioning the Venustas and Synergistic Research cable that the are suggesting. It seems the higher I go in the PAD line up the better it gets.
The Venustas cables sound better in all aspects over the Musaeus. The high's open up, the sound stage is bigger and better defined, and bass comes through much more.

I had no regrets after making that upgrade. ;-)
I auditioned both Purist Audio Design Musaeus - Praesto Version, Kimber 8tc, and Synergistic Research SE Active Core (I used the silver module for most of my listening) from the cable company. I bought the PAD Musaeus - Praesto Version. In my system the DAP excelled over the others in instrumental timbres, imaging, and dynamics as a result of its black background. Here are my overall ratings for each cable:

Purist Audio Design Museaus - Praesto Version: VG to E
• Very black background with pinpoint imaging
• Outstanding Instrumental timbres
• Good dynamics
• Wide soundstage
• Sound stage is a little flat. The sound stage deepened as the cables settled in but they still did not reach the 3 dimensional depth of the Synergistic Research SE Active Core.

Synergistic Research SE Active Core (I used the silver module for most of my listening): VG
• Wide and very deep, three dimensional, sound stage
• Excellent dynamics and instrument attack.
• Well focused images but not as tightly focused as the Purist Audio Design Museaus Prasto
• Timbre: There is a coloration that homogenizes the timbre of instruments (especially acoustic instruments). This homogeneity of timbre lessened as the cables stayed in my system but never completely went away.
• Haze: there is a little haze between (or surrounding) images. Consequently, these cables did not produce the black background and pinpoint images of the Purist Audio Design Museaus Prasto.

Kimber 8tc: VG
• Very large soundstage with good depth
• Very transparent
• High frequency response was outstanding - almost magical
• Very good dynamics
• Slight homogeneity of instrumental timbres.
• The large sound stage was at the expense of imaging. These cables lacked the imaging of the Purist Audio Design Museaus Prasto