Paco De Lucia

Paco De Lucia died last night at age 66. His work with Al Dimeola and John McLaughlin is excellent. Friday Night in San Francisco is one of my reference recordings.
Wow, that is tragic news, he was one of the greatest Guitarists of all time. And only 66, that is just so sad to hear. His music will live forever in the hearts of his many fans and his artistry will never be matched. My sympathies to his family.
This is a huge loss to the world of music. IMO he was the greatest guitarist of our time in any style. I consider myself fortunate to have heard him a few times in person. The last time was 2 or 3 years ago and he was more amazing than ever. I am thankful that we had him for as long as we did.
We won't see the likes of him again--he was one of a kind.
That's a tragic loss and the news comes as a bit of a shock. Was just listening to Friday Night earlier this week... Irreplaceable.
What a loss, R.I.P..