Packing VPI TNT 3.0

Does any know how the TNT 3 goes back into the box?  I'm looking for instruction or photos of how they used to get packed.  My second question is what's the best way to ship it if I don't have all the parts or no longer trust the original box and packing?

Thank you for any suggestion or help you might be able to provide!
If you were lucky enough to own one of the newer tables like the Prime or Scout, there are plenty of videos available on line for those but don’t remember there being one for your table, WTS when you do get it boxed up in it’s packing I would either build or buy a crate, I have found this helps in two ways, your table is extra protected and it gives the workers, loaders, and delivery drivers something to grip and hold onto for less mishap. The shippers, all of them are really getting bad, so we have to get smart about who we ship with and packing for a positive end result. My rule of thumb is if it weighs over 30 pounds it's getting a crate. Enjoy the music
The TNT is typically shipped in three boxes.  You need to break it down into plinth/footers, motor pod, platter/bearing, tonearm and pack them separately.
I own a TNT 3 Reference Special with JMW10 arm that I bought back in 1999, and it did come in three boxes.

I contemplated selling it but it is very hard to repack into the three boxes.

Call VPI and see if they have a copy of the original manual.

You could reverse read the unpacking instructions to put everything back in the original boxes, however you need all the internal card board inserts and plastic bags that came with turntable.

The TNT came unassembled in pieces.