Packing up my CDP...bittersweet

Today I received my new DAC and will be packing up my Luxman D-06 cdp. This will be the first time in over 25 years that I have not had some sort of cdp in my system. But I am now 100% digital music. Even though I still buy lots of CDs regularly I use my PC to rip them into my library before listening. I've been using my current cdp as a DAC for the past few years mainly for sentimental reasons even though it was lacking in the features required for digital playback (no usb/AES/I2s input, limited to 176 sample rate, no DSD, etc). With a heavy heart I finally made the switch to using a DAC only device in my system.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of owning some very cool cdp. Here is a list of some memorable ones:

Magnavox D8880 boombox (1988) - my very first cdp I got for Xmas. I remember going out that day and buying two cds...Sting "Nothing Like the Sun" and The Primitives "Lovely".$_58.JPG

Sony Discman D-25 Portable cdp (1989) - what??? A portable cdp??? Who cares if it skipped when you looked at it the wrong way? This was portable!$/Sony-Discman-D-25-D-250-portable-C...

Sony MHC-RX90 (1996) - the first stereo I bought with my own money after getting a real job after college. This system had a carousel cd changer!!!

Cary 303/300 tube hybrid (2005) - my first audiophile cdp after feeling like I made it in my career. This was the beginning of a long slippery slope of spending ridiculous amounts of money into this hobby.

Esoteric P3/D3 transport and dac (2007) - from a technical point of view my favorite cdp. The Esoteric VRDS transport was/is a marvel of engineering. The sound was the best I have ever heard up to that point.

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Why don't you use the Luxman as a transporter for your DAC? Are you storing the ripped files on a
CDs are 'digital music '
mahler123135 posts02-21-2017 3:53am
CDs are 'digital music '
Sorry for not being more clear.  I meant I dont spin discs anymore.  I rip all my music to FLAC.

you liked the Luxman better than the Cary and Esoteric?

The newest Luxman cd/sacd player($10K) received a rave review by Art Dudley of Stereophile.
@jafant  its tough to say because I was not able to do a direct comparison between the Luxman, Cary, and Esoteric.  Many years (and pieces of equipment) passed between me owning all of those cdp.  I will say I had both the Cary 303 and 306 and sold those pretty quickly. I can say for sure I was not highly impressed with those.  I really really liked my Luxman which is why I kept it for so long just as a DAC even though it was lacking features basic DACs nowadays have.    I would love to compare the Luxman to the Esoteric P3/D3 I had.  My feeling is that the Luxman is a bit warmer, thicker than the Esoteric.  At the moment, with my speakers and system, the sound with the Luxman may be just a touch too warm.  That being said, if I was to ever purchase a cdp again the only two brands I would look at are Luxman and Esoteric.  
Very nice- tboooe.  Love your avatar btw...