Packing list for VPI Scout?


What comes with a new VPI Scout? Today I listed my used Scout for sale, but too late I realized that I don't know if I have all the items it came with when new (I bought it second-hand). If something is missing, I need to pass that info on to any potential buyers. What I got with it was:

plinth with arm base and terminal block on it
tonearm with cable and a weight
box and foam packing materials
motor and belt
generic-looking AC cord

What else comes with a new Scout?

I'll check with a dealer tomorrow, but for personal reasons it would be really great to find out tonight (July 4) what's missing.
Also included is the record clamp, alignment jig, oil/fluid, small screw driver for cartridge attachment and alan wrench for adjusting counterweights, manual for table and manual for arm.....I think thats it. Hope that helps,

There should have been a manual and two small yellow handled allen wrenches as well as an allignment jig. I am going by memory. These items were definately included. I think that is everything.
Thanks for the info, really appreciate it!
What did you mean by generic looking motor? It should be a fairly heavy rectangular box with a double speed spindle, and an on/off push button on one side there four round feet. I just got one new I don't know if they changed it. The rest of the info is correct.
Didn't yours also come with a Koetsu Jade cartridge its standard on the regular scout :-).