packing and shipping

I have a McIntosh set consisting of 2 MC-30s and a C-20 preamp that I want to sell, I'm concerned about the weight if I have to ship them. What's the best packing and who is the safest shipper? My first post, one of my clients said this site is the BEST for serious audio people, so i figured you guys would know.

Contact McIntosh for packing boxes. Unless they stopped, they will make an original box and sell them to you. They won't be cheap, but it will be the safest way to ship them. The glass faceplate on the C-20 is easily cracked. Also, you will likely have more potential buyers, possibly willing to pay a little more, knowing they will be shipped in original McIntosh boxes. For a shipper, I would probably use FedEx.
Thanks, I didn't realize McIntosh offered that kind of service.
I'll try contacting them
Try contacting a professional packer and shipper who will take responsibility for damage during transit.
Mike Sastra @ will sell you McIntosh boxes for those units. Call Him! DO not use any other boxes to ship them. AND professional packers DONT have any boxes that will work ,and they have no clue how to pack these components correctly. TRUST me on this. And they should not get damaged AT ALL if you use the correct boxes. FEDEX,UPS is fine.
Only use Fed Ex RED not green ! The package handling is vastly different .
If your shipments are really heavy , say over 75lbs. I would suggest strapping the pieces to a pallet with a DO NOT STACK stipulation plastered all over it .
Personally , I always pack the equipment in the original factory packing and then put that package into another box .
Original factory packing means a lot around here . Some won't buy a piece without it and that goes for the original manuals as well !

Good luck .
I second what "Mattmiller" says. McIntosh boxes make other OEM boxes look silly in comparison.