packing a turntable for shipping

I have a Merrill Heirloom that I might be selling and was wondering what is the absolute bulletproof way to ship? I have no original boxes. I assume I would remove the inner LP hold-down hub and outer ring, remove and package the tonearm and cartridge separately and somehow 'lock' the unit's suspension system. Any ideas or experience?
use an oversize box, all sides, bottom and top use carpet padding (several inches thick) and then insert the table in styrofoam on the sides bottom of the plinth, pack arm separately if possible, secure suspension and on top of platter place a 2" to 5" cardboard box or styrofoam if the arm is attached then pad with carpet padding. Avoid placing ANY packing material near the arm.Make sure table does not shift in the box- pray for the best
Yeah, a very oversized box with lots of foam peanuts or bubble wrap to protecting it. I've never packed that brand turntable.

On some classic Duals I have shipped, I always separate the heavy platter and the dust cover. Even separate shipping boxes can be a good idea if there are separate parts that could move around and damage the table.

See this packing link by Joel at The Turntable Factory..
You're on the right track. I would suggest sending an email to Thom Mackris (same username, just hyphenate it) of Galibier fame. I believe he used to own that same table and I'm sure he has table shipping experience. :)

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No experience but I think I would would box all parts in seperate boxes. Then place all of the boxes into a single larger box layered with peanuts. As to the suspension, not seeing the TT, I can only suggest locking it the center of it's travel to keep the suspension from being compressed or extended during shipping. I would try using foam wedges wrapped in soft saran wrap or similar plastic to keep the foam from "catching" on any parts. Just a suggestion.
Following Theo's idea, if there's oil in the bearing you'd be wise to pull the platter and remove it. Otherwise it could end up coating everything. Instructions to keep, "This side up", usually mean, "Please tumble freely and often"!

Put each component inside a plastic bag and tape it shut before packing it in the box. That will keep bits of peanuts and such from crawling inside the mechnism. Your recipient will appreciate not having to spend hours digging them out.
There`s NO bullet proof method of shipping a T/T without the original pkg.