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What service do you guys use to ship speakers,etc if you don't have the original boxes? I live near Chicago and would dread having my pristine speakers damaged in shipping. Any suggestions. Thanks, alot
I don't trust anyone to pack them but myself. There are a few places around that sell boxes. Uhaul has some good t ply boxes, and some of the better packing stores do too (not the UPS store). Buy Styrofoam insulation at hope depot for padding and cut it to size. If the speakers are big and heavy I would build a crate, or at least reinforce the box using 1/4" plywood.
Dimensions & weight of the speakers? I once bought a "dish-pack" box at U-haul for about $10; it would fit most speakers.

That is, except for large floor standers.....

Or, you could maybe have the local UPS store do it. I believe they charge a LOT, to have some 19 y.o. kid put 1 layer of bubble wrap over your 50 lb. item.....(true story).
Styrofoam is the best packing material bet, but first put the speakers in plastic bags. The foam should be layered so it is at least four inches thick on all sides and glued together so it does not move. Each speaker should be enveloped in Styrofoam and securely fastened with packing tape so nothing of the foam moves. After packing, double boxing is a must.
I refuse to ship floorstand speakers. Won't buy them either if shipping is required. It has cost me money and extended the selling time, but the hassle of damaged speakers isn't worth the risk. For example, the last large pair of speakers I sold, and I had the original packing material, went for 20% less than offers from people who wanted the speakers shipped. Worth it though.
Selling in Chicago you should try "local sale only" and see what happens.
I agree with Timrhu. I did ship some floorstanders with success but in their original boxes. It can be expensive to properly pack large speakers. Sometimes its worth it to take the loss and trade them to your dealer. I have a local packaging place but they're not good with audio gear. Even when I tell them the worth they don't get it. Maybe you can meet a buyer half way. Ive done that, say maybe ho to 200 miles. You don't want what was once your babies to get hurt.
Agree with the above posters that I too would not consider shipping speakers unless you can take a hit. You have 100% responsibility that the speakers arrive undamaged, and will have to take them back and issue a refund to the buyer if damaged by the shipping company. Then try to recover through a damage claim. Unfortunately shipping damage happens all too often with large, heavy items.
With that said, if you must ship never use one of those packing/ shipping places. They are clueless and love to use those styrofoam peanuts. Buconero117 offers good advise for packing and I will add to that to only consider Freight, strapped to a pallet.
If you don't mind packaging them yourself, here is a link within another thread wherein the seller did just that. I'd have to say it's the best packaging job that I ever saw. Also, within the same thread the buyer confirmed receipt and that all was OK with the package and speaker delivery.

Go to post #2656.

Hope this helps.
I have bought and sold at least Five pairs of speakers over the past eight years. Never a problem. (UPS, FedEx, DHL.)

I suggest the purchase of the multi colored carpet padding used by installers.(works great!), another good choice is to use foam padding used by upholsterers or dense padding sold in fabric stores (Jo-Ann Fabrics etc). The above mentioned styrofoam with reinforcement is also a very good idea as is strengthening the container/box.

You can by from suppliers the materials you need or consult a packaging house or other shipping service.

Is there a small business near you that frequently ships items that are similar in size and weight to your speakers?

They may be willing to assist you for a small fee, or offer suggestions.

Always ship with insurance and take pictures of your packaging process and use the time stamp. Best of Luck!!!
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