Pacific Audio Fest

Any one there? Thoughts on good sounding rooms/gear?




I dropped in Voxative room expecting to listen to their field coil full range speaker.


Instead they display Hagen full range unit (96db/W) supplemented by Alberich subwoofer.


They also have black box which contains Dac streamer and amplifer which need to be connected to laptop or tidal.


Cost of Hagen  and Alberich is 18k$.


But even with blakc box, the total cost is 22k$.


To me the sound quality is up to audiophile standard.


Hagen which is run full range without any netwoerk give nice details while Alberich subwoofer. give nice woomph.


It is worth as serious total package.


This room also give clean and neat sound.

My guess is that LTA amplifier works well with Spatial Audio speaker.

I expected to be impressed by the big VAC / Von Schweiker rig and I was.  But two other systems were also impressive without me having any preconceived expectations going in.  They were the Acora speakers and the Joseph Audio / Doshii system.  Honorable mention to Acapella / Audio Note system.

Happy listening.

My favorite overall was the Alsyvox/Pillium system.  This was the only system that I would happily replace my own system with. 

I was actually really disappointed by the Genesis system, although it could have been the material they were playing on the two occasions I stopped by.  I'm going to try again tomorrow morning before I leave. 

The Vanatoo system, at $599, was stunning for what it could do for the price. This would be a killer system for a small apartment or dorm room.


Acora speaker sounds clean and detailed driven by Vac amp and Lampi Horizon Dac.

It use Scanspeak drivers including berrilum tweeter.

It's inert cabinet using real granite contribute to clean sound.

Considering its weight (250 lb for each) and expensive driver units, it does not appear to be expensive at 27000$.

The most important thing is that it's sound is enjoyable.