PA Horns for Outdoors

Here is an odd topic for a high-end site, but there are so many expereinced folks here I'm thinking someone can help me.

The baseball field at my youngest son's school is being rebuilt. I have "announced" games and kept the score board there for seven years now and I play music on CD's between innings. The old PA system was removed, as poor as it was. I would like to donate an old receiver and CDP that I have and am wondering what to get with respect to outdoor PA horns to mount on top of the scorer's "shack". Something weather proof, with the ability to take about 25W and sound fairly decent for music (during games and practices), in addition to announcements through a microphone. Ideas?
Go to Guitar Center, or any other pro audio outlet and see (hear) what you like.
Some old radial fiberglass horns 90° or 60° depending on the coverage, made by Community (Light and Sound), EV (Electo Voice), or JBL with the correct compresion driver and crossover. Do a search on ebay.