P300 Users: where do you place the unit?

Considering the size and the heat, where do you place the unit? Do you have a shelf just for it? Is it on top? Do you have anything next to it? I am thinking of getting one of these, but after finding out about the heat and size, I was wondering about where I could possibly place the unit.
I have a P600 where size and heat really ARE an issue. I have it sitting on it's own little 2 shelf stand (Sanus) with a UO and a couple of juice bars underneath.
Mine is sitting on two concrete pavers about 2" thick, on the floor beneath the equipment rack. Got the pavers at Home Depot.
Mine sits on the concrete floor.....under my Lovan stand. No room on the Lovan shelves for it to fit. It sits on 1/2 inch MDF cut to size, and this in turn is resting on vibrapods.

I have a friend who is good with comp sci and electronics. We have taken out the fan and put the unit upside down. We use convection to dissipate the heat. No noisy fan. We do have an aftermarket fan that we tried, but "no fan" is very quiet. We use the default setting.

It powers up our Samsung rear DLP, Samsung HDTV dish, and Faroudja without any problem for nine months now.

We put it on the bottom shelf of a Billy Bags pro 75 on top of a Symposium Svelte on top of a set of Symposium couplers.
I also disconnected the fan after asking Paul McGowan about this and getting his OK to do so. It sits on the bottom shelf of a Lovan Sovereign stand and is passively cooled. There is about an inch and a half of free space above the unit and it is open to the sides and rear. The top of the unit does get very hot and it runs at about 110 Watts while powering my front end gear. So far, after over a year like this it has performed flawlessly.