P300 power plant and ultimate outlet routing

I have an ultimate outlet that feeds my integrated amp and recently purchased a PS Audio P300 for the rest of my system to be fed from. The question is should I plug the P300 into the other duplex on teh ultimate outlet or the other duplex on the wall? Ultimately I'll probably let my ears decide, but wondering if anybody else has experimented with this. Thanks.
I would plug the P300 into the second duplex on the Ultimate Outlet. I have all my Power Plants plugged into an UO.
It depends on the power of your amp. If you have a high watt amp, that's all that you should plug into the UO (esp if it's a std. & not a HC). It would be better to either get a second UO for the front end, or get the new UPC-200 for the amp & switc your UO to the front end.
Like Timo, I plugged my P300 into the second duplex on the UO and then run my 508.24 and integrated from the P300.
I experimented with both, plugging the p300 into the wall is astoundingly better sounding than running both p300 and amp from the ultimate outlet hc.