P3 Motor pulsing

I just picked up a used P3. I'm still waiting for a cartridge to arrive - so haven't played it yet, but plugged in the motor and noticed I could hear a pulsing sound from the motor - about 240 pulses per min. I'm worried that this acoustic/mechanical vibration will be picked up by the stylus and muddy/pollute the sound.

Is this noise normal for the P3? My ~25+ year old Yamaha P-520 direct drive TT is dead quiet by comparison. I was expecting the P3 to be a major upgrade but this motor noise has me concerned.

Because your Yamaha is not junk.
Contact Rega and ask an innocent question.
There shouldn't be any sound on Rega turntables when the platter is moving. It should be dead quiet as with any well-designed TTs. The unit is probably defective. Rega does not seem to have any customer support in the UK, unfortunately, as they encourage folks to contact the local distributors or dealers for any questions or service enquiries. This was indicated in their webpage.