P3-24 pitch instability

I'm having some pitch problems with my table. I've cleaned and reoiled the bearing, cleaned the sides of the subplatter and the belt.

But, I noticed that the pulley on the motor shaft is slightly off kilter. I'm wondering if it's enough to cause the pitch problems I'm hearing.

I made a video:

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
I guess it depends on how severe the pitch variations are -- you may be more sensitive to them than others. That said, I've owned probably a half-dozen Regas and I don't think I've seen a wobble like that in any of them.

Since you have the latest P3, it may still be under warranty, so there's no reason not to send it back to the dealer for a look. If it comes back with a clean bill of health, and you want to keep it, the Groovetracer subplatters have a dramatic effect on pitch stability, and the Rega TT-PSU even more dramatic still. Together, they would probably be a massive upgrade.

You could also get into a Technics 1200, and even add a Rega, Jelco or SME arm, for about the same price as a fully-loaded P3. You'll get rock-solid pitch for sure, but you will give up some of the openness and pace of the Rega.
It's really noticeable. While I think I'm particularly sensitive, I think it's so obvious and that's it's unacceptable.

I'm not the original owner, however. I picked it up off of eBay a week and a half ago. Regas come with a three year warranty, but it is not transferable. So I'm not sure what to do.

I'm hoping since the model is so new, they won't even ask for any papers when I take it to a Rega dealer tomorrow.