P2P renting of hi-fi and hi-end audio - what do you think?

Hi everyone. Just as an idea - what would you say to P2P renting of hi-fi & hi-end audio? Sounds interesting to me, as many of audio geeks (like my friends) have devices they won't use but won't part with either. Lending them for some cash and renting from others something that you have never tried / tested before... Might you be interested? Any pros and cons? Any ideas welcome! Thanks.
- you get some cash for gear you seldom use - BONUS!!!

  • who pays for the damage ? - "the postman dropped it"
  • who pays for the shipping? - it drives the price past "affordable"
  • what about "support calls" 
  • -- "how do I connect this?" 
  • -- "what leads are best" etc....
  • a deposit guarantees return of gear
  • -- again, drives the price past affordable
  • -- returning the deposit could be an issue - "I never got it"
  • administering it would be a nightmare

It's just fraught with too many issues

You are assuming everyone is as honest as yourself - they are not :-(

But if you ever get the business model working - post it here

Sure, item is sold at full value plus shipping via a wire. Once returned on the user's dime it is tested/inspected.  Once determined all is ok the deposit is returned minus shipping and agreed on rental fee. 
I am all for it!  The payoff is for those audiophiles who have little to  none representation via dealers/retailers in there immediate areas.

Happy Listening!
The premise is that this is an extension of the in-home audition.
Not far from what The Cable Company has been doing for decades. Cheers,
Add to my list...
- if you have a popular item - there could be a lineup of renters.
---- how long do you rent for in that case?
- what happens if someone does not return it?

I think I prefer to listen to music rather than spending my free time keeping tabs on who's got my gear.

But I do see the appeal - as Jayant says
The premise is that this is an extension of the in-home audition.
Perhaps Audiogon should start another section - for renters?

It will never work. There are just too many a**holes out there. I just got scammed on another site and lost $400 to a scumbag. I believe there are more honest people then there are scammers, but it only takes a few...
Why not let us know how you were scammed, and who it was that scammed you?