Ozzy members who do you use for shipping OS

I am planning to put an item up for sale on Audiogon for the first time but am not sure who I should use for shipping as I know from just shipping within Australia it can be very expensive.
I want to be reasonably confident that the equipment will arrive safely but don't want the cost to be prohibitive to the buyer.Any suggestions please?
Thanks in advance
I cannot imagine it would be worth buying used FROM Australia unless the buyer was at least as close as Singapore or Hong Kong. Or the Phillippines.. (for anything bigger than a phono cartridge)
Don't you have any local sites?
I actually have been able to buy stuff many times off the gon and been close enough to go pick up in my car in a few hours.
Wouldn't you be better off selling on eBay.au ?
I just mentioned DHL on another thread. Imo, they are the best. Ground or air.
If it is 32 kg. or less you can use EMS (Express Mail) at the post office -- way more reasonable than DHL or FedEx. They are a courier service that uses FedEx and other carriers. It comes with tracking. You receive your box in about a week.
Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for your response.
I have purchased many large items such as speakers on Audiogon from America and the shipping cost has not been as expensive as you may think.
The problem with trying to sell locally is that it is such a small market.
You never know if I put the Pre Amp on Audiogon I may get someone from Asia or Australia but I was just trying to cover all bases.
Another vote for DHL........although it's hard for a private indivual to get anything out of them without having an Account?
If you go to your local Pack & Send......they will be able to get a reasonable price from them to anywhere in the world.
Otherwise try sending it via EMS at the local post office if it's not larger than an amp or turntable.
EMS is often as fast as FedEx or UPS for a half the cost?
I don't have an account. I just walk in with the package and pay. Different policy in Canada?
You can go with DHL.

I (in USA )receive a fair amount of shipments from Asia, and use either them or EMS. EMS tends to come out the cheapest, and as it becomes the USPS inside this country, the service has proved great. For larger/heavier items, FedEX has served me well.