Ozzy is done



Rock'n'Roll's dead, but I'm still alive

Rock'n'Roll's dead, but I'm still alive!

Those who love us, take our path

Rock'n'Roll's dead, but I'm not yet!



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If you want to see him he's still working part-time (Tuesday-Saturday) @ the PetCo in West Hollywood near The Troubadour.

His chauffeur waits in the parking lot during his shift (look for a blue/grey Bently).



Alzheimer's - the same thing that hit Ronald Reagan! An awful way to go! Losing your mind piece-by-piece!

@dekay : just as bad! My aunt Rose had it and suffered for some years as she became increasingly incapacitated. A bad way to go!

Unexpectedly long run, one of a kind. Still his time with Sabbath travels fast in time even heavy in nature. 

 I heard about this on the radio on the way to work this morning. Too much pain from back injury/surgeries is the reason he gives for not touring any more.  They did say on the radio that Ozzy would still perform some, just not on the road.

 Glad I got to see him a few years ago here in Syracuse. 7th row, center. He's a funny S.O.B. on stage sometimes. He broke out a fire hose and doused the first few rows with it, harmlessly of course. Twice.

 Rock on Oz!

The Black Sabbath the End live album and video is a great way to celebrate him. He was beyond excellent.

+! @baylinor

The Original Black Sabbath - Symptom Of The Universe (1970-1978) ... in my humble opinion is a must have.

He may be done touring but I don't think he's done making music, his voice is fine, that was proven at the NFL game where he performed at the end of last year and sounded great, especially for a guy his age. 

I saw Ozzy at The Breakers in Palm Beach late last Saturday afternoon. He looked like hell. However it was the Cavallino Ferrari meet and he was there- and ambulatory which is saying something. Saw Trump too- on Sunday. He's a tall MF'er. Firm hand shake too... 

God bless em. My mom suffered from it for 15 years before succumbing to it. It hits everyone who gets it a little  differently and it's just a flat out cruel disease. Hopefully medical advances will help ease his journey

Black Sabbath the original heavy metal band , their  1st 5 albums was their classics  imo..

I saw hem several times back in the 70s great ,1 show front row ,my ears were buzzing for 2 days ,with blue oyster cult ,and Alvin  bishop. It’s sad to see an end to a era ,last month my GuitarHero Jeff Beck Dies ,when living in the U.K he playing many small venues always great.

Enjoy the memories, that sabbath live dvd of blu ray I will have to get.  watching concerts with friends is ’ a good way to spend on a weekend .

Planet caravan excellent song. Though when it came out, fans hated it. Thought it wasn’t too sabbathy. I love it when they switch gears. Laguna sunrise another beauty. 

He's a unique and talented man. It also has to be said that once he broke out on his own, he was always smart enough to surround himself with great backing musicians. 

Seems that Sabotage still today is a bit underated, a prog metal masterpiece and best of its genre with Ozzy singing at a higher note on that one. Their freedom from scam managers. Awesome on Reunion (1998).

Saw him do a Black Sabbath show - w a couple Ozzy solo hits thrown in for good measure - at the Hollywood Bowl about ten (?) years ago. 

Excellent show, w the always-spooky opener War Pigs to kick things off.  

Yep, Ozzy's a trooper...

btw,  like Alice Cooper whom if you've never seen you owe yourself... even my 77 year old mom liked the Cooper show; her comment, "That was incredible."

Hes just another man. Were all equal in the end with no control of our immorality. Know God and follow his way. We ALL will face judgement day. You ll either have enternal life with him or seperated from his grace. 


What nonsense.

"Were all equal in the end with no control of our immorality."

Are you saying that we have no control over our actions?

It was clear he has Parkinson’s decades ago. I watched my grandfather deteriorate over time with this disease. He talked about how he was seeing stars and outer space. Not a good way to go. Brain literally turns into sand.

Growing up, Black Sabbath was ubiquitous as was Led Zeppelin and early Aerosmith but I wasn't a big fan. So I went to see Van Halen's first tour where they completely played their first album prior to Black Sabbath as the headliner. After Van Halen finished, droves of people walked out. My friend wanted to do the same but I convinced him to stay. I figured we'll wait and see how they do first. I have to say they were much better live. I was very impressed with the show and amazed that Ozzy could sing as well as he did considering he was stoned out of his mind. He kept tilting back and forth and at times, looked as though he wanted to nod out. Anyhow, he's had a very long run, cheers!

Good he stays alive. To me, his best years were in  Black Sabbath, my favorite rock band. 

We were huge Sabbath fans back in the late 70s. Sabotage is a masterpiece. I must dig it out tomorrow for a spin.