Ozzfest,can I handle it?

I want to go Aug.11th and take my daughters boyfriend (17)
Korn and Disturbed are also with The Oz Man.
I'll be 48 by then.
My only concern is the rowdy kids.
I like all 3 bands and have most of their music so thats no problem.
Will I get creamed??
just stay away from the mosh pit and you should be fine. Let the younger kids go in there.
Most likely :o) Just dress old and act old and I don't think the young punks will try and hurt you- if you try to dress like them and act like them I would put money that you will be sore the next week+ I am more than half your age(doesn't that make you feel good) and I wouldn't risk going to a concert full of people who have nothing to lose. Either way it sounds like you have a guide to take you through this zoo so go for it! Just let him no if you are to be harmed he will never see your daughter again.
Tim-You're a riot!
Hey! Drive across state and go w/me!! You can crash at my house.
My (very passive) brother who is a year younger than me went to see Dave Matthews last year at the same venue (Darien Lake) near Buffalo.
Some punk called him an old man and knocked his cap off.My brother (very passive) punched the kid in the forehead sending him on his ass.Then 2 teen chicks jumped my brother and we all know how they fight! Security was all over them and in the melee my brother snuck away and hid to keep from being busted.I guess they hauled the kid and 2 chicks away.And this was a Dave Matthews concert!
This is the same venue that country singer got on a cops horse and took off and got busted.The lead singer from Pantera was busted for cracking a security guard over the head w/a mike.
What the are these kids up to these days!
When I saw Aerosmith in an indoor arena in the mid 70's all we did was blow off m-80's and bottle rockets..lots of burned hair but...kids!
Come on Tim,you can be my body guard.Mario told me you are a big dude! $40 bucks a ticket! Let me know!
Break out a musty old UFO or Triumph concert tee, preferably faded from black to grey/purple, and nobody will have any interest in you at all one way or another.
As an old fogey myself (43, with premature grey hair), I go to hard rock concerts all the time (Audioslave, Coldplay, Disturbed, Godsmack, STP, etc...) and have never gotten bothered by anyone.

Two bits of advice:

One, staying out of the Mosh pit area is good advice from Riley804.

(FYI: The Mosh pit is the area directly in front of the stage where the kids (Man, I feel old for saying that!), lift their buddies up and push them around over their heads, until they reach the edge of the pit, at which point they usually fall to the ground, sometimes on people, and usually on their heads!)

Two, bring some small, in the ear earplugs (or wads of tissue). If you sit near the speakers (and near means within 50 yards!), your ears can get temporary or even permanent damage relatively quickly. Putting in the ear plugs will only slightly dampen the sound, but will protect your delicate eardrums from being damaged, thus ruining the years of effort of putting together a multi-thousand dollar stereo system. (STP had my ear ringing for a couple of months before it cleared up. Thank God!)

PS Both Audioslave and Coldplay are currently touring, and both are putting on great shows!

Have fun! I wish I could go, but it is during the week in my location, and we don't have daycare for the young one, and two years old is way to young for that kind of music!
If you stay away from the pit, you should be fine. Keep in mind that if you are near the pit, you can be in it in a second (it can expand quickly). Besides that, have fun! I agree on the earplug recommendation. Any word on the Etymotic earplugs? I've been considering ordering a pair.
Kurt-Thanks for the advice!
I do know what a mosh pit is,I used to date one.
The Venue has seats in front of the stage. 1000 maybe? then a fence and grassy hill area.That area holds ~6000-7000? I imagine the pit will be just in back of the fence.Regardless,its standing room only in the grassy area.
I guess I'll just do as my bro did.Punch some kid in the forehead if he picks a fight with me,then run like Hell!

LOL David 99.....that was funny.

OZfest shouldn't be nearly as riotous as, say, a Marilyn Manson concert. You will be fine...enjoy the music.

Mr.Manson is banned from the Buffalo area.Just read it today in the paper..darn! :~)
Ya know,the more I think about it,this concert is for me and other old folks.
I saw Ozzy (Sabbath) before most of these kids PARENTS were even born.
Im going in and Im going to get rowdy too! I'll mosh by myself!
If some kid even looks at me,Im going to call him a young punk and knock his hat off.Then run like Hell!
have you seen the simpsons episode when homer takes bart and lisa to "hulabalooza?" just don't wear a rastafari hat and a button that says "too cool for this planet." :-) hey, ozzy is from our generation, so go hang with the young wannabes. have a great time!
Actually....can anyone understand his lyrics anymore? Sure the hell can't understand a word he says on "The Osbornes" on MTV....

Whaaaaathaaaaa foooooook?

Thank you, thank you. I'm here every Tuesday...don't forget to tip your waitress.

Just keep in mind that Ozzy is older than you and not exactly in the greatest condition for a guy his age. If he can handle it, I'm sure you can too. I say rock while you can. Ain't none of us gettin' any younger!
Hey John-Good to see you come out of the shadows to post in this thread.
I didnt see 'the simpsons'episode but I bet it was a gas!
Counting the days buddy?
Write soon :>)
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