Ozawa OS-70L MC cartridge - anyone familiar?

I recently purchased one of these cartridges out of sheer curiosity and with an inkling it might sound interesting. It was offered at a price where you can get away with a 'one never knows' attitude.

Not much info online, but according to the booklet it was part of a line up of three carts with similar specs (0.2 mV output, 2 ohm impedance) but a variety of different cantilevers (aluminium, boron and ruby). The 70L has a boron cantilever with Vital stylus (made by Namiki if I'm not mistaken). It was apparently built somewhere in the '80's by Supex to Ozawa's specifications, which are very similar to some Supex models. No surprise there.

Does anyone know if Ozawa the company has any affiliation with Ozawa the man who later founded Shelter?

Oh, and the sonics? Wide open sound stage, pretty fast, gorgeous tone color, sparkling highs, strong and tuneful bass. You name it, it's all there. It's what our German neighbours call a 'geheimmtipp'. It reminds me a bit of my Klipsch MCZ-10, another one of those 'sleepers' you hardly ever hear about. It's amazing what you can still find for a few hundred euros.

Zero responses is so - eh - zeroish, so I did some more searching myself. Just for the record: it does seem to be a ancestor to the Shelter cartridges. Designed by the same Ozawa san, but apparently built to order by Supex, before Ozawa founded Shelter and started manufacturing himself. Case closed.