Oyen digital for mac minis?

Any mac mini owners using Oyen Digital for their external music storage needs? I'm very new with PC audio. I haven't started ripping/storing yet. I'm only listening to internet radio. How do you like the Oyen?
Using the 2tb "data tale" configured as a 1tb redundant RAID, and love it. Dead quite. Small. Damn sexy tech.
Yes, the MiniPro is quiet, reliable, cool-running... very happy with it. Wish their prices were lower, but...

I have the 1TB version running an RSA firewire cable to a 2010 MacMini running SnowLeopard into an UltraFi DAC-41. Have had it for well over a year.

:) listening,

Yes, agree with all the above comments... Small, quiet, reliable and little pricey...