Oyaide Tunami GPX-R: Two for One

I have taken a 2 meter Oyaide Tunami GPX-R Powercord and cut it in two pieces(crazy you say). Ya' like a fox.I took the Tunami GPX-R plug end with the Oyaide P-004 plug and connected it to a Porter-Port 20 Amp outlet that I bought hear on Audiogon years ago,(before outlets were cool).It is housed in a non-magnetic metal-type box that you can buy at the local home improvement store. Yes both ground and drain wires are connected. It works wonders on digital equipment.The other 4ft plus piece with the Oyaide C-004 IEC end was connected to another Oyaide P-004 plug I bought hear on Audiogon as well. However I have the ground cable and bare cooper drain wire removed (floating) on the IEC end. Both ground and drain cables are connected at the Oyaide P-004 plug end. Plugged into my Power amp it is much more open, airey, and dynamic. Has anyone else tried a two for one with the Oyaide Tunami GPX-R Powercord? Or any other Powercord for that matter.
I've never bothered cutting any DIY cable, the cable itself is relatively cheap, the ends cost all the money.

I'm also sure I would like the Tunami, presently using Neotech NEP 3200 cable for one power cord, close relative to Tunami and supplier of Tunami wire.
Hi, Sns. I know a labor of love when I see one. And your listening room fits this description to a tee. As someone who has a dedicated listening room as well, with sound reinforcements, dedicated lines for analog as well as digital. I know the time,focus and passion it took to get to were you are now, And I respect that. The essence of my thread isn't about cost as much as it is about discovery. To find something that works very well in your system regardless of price is always a good things. Sometimes it's the journey not the destination that makes the trip worth while.
I did the same thing on a 2M Neotech power cord that I built from VH Audio. I used one piece on a power outlet box for my bedroom system and made another one for my dad's system. Great sound and very cost-effective, especially in these tough economic times. The Wattgate 330i AC plug is a very nice complement to UPOCC copper cords.
That's what I'm talking about Sherod. My Tek Line Micro Ref. that I'm using on my OPPO 980H has the Wattgate 330i AC plug with the 350i IEC. And it sound noticeably better going into the Tunami outlet box then straight into the dedicated Porter Port outlet.
It's a synergistic thing. Apparently our systems like to see that nice extra cord before they see the cheap wall wiring. (O:
Ya' running those two 20amp lines was cheap, but a pain in the neck, 10 awg by myself through the attic. But well worth it I must admit.
At least you have dedicated lines. I live in a rental home with the original lines put in by the contractor when they built the house 17 years ago.
Your right Sherod. No more whining from me, because it could always be worse.
It definitely is the journey for me these days, DIY is basically the only thing I'm doing. The enjoyment in doing things yourself is something I never get from buying equipment, the money saved is a bonus. I can't believe there aren't more DIY'ers out there.
Sns: You have rightly focused on your most important component-your room. Your listening room is the only true universal component in your system. It will be heard in an all digital or all Analog setup, tube or solid-state. If you take the time to get this right (like you already have), you have just upgraded every piece of equipment you bring in your listening room. Especially your second most important component: Your speakers. I believe if more Audiophiles first worked on getting there listening rooms right with cheap DIY room treatments, that would spark a DIY fire in other areas. Even if it just means taking in more knowledge of how sound wave are affected in there listening room.
I was told by someone I consider very knowledgeable that choosing a PC length under 1.8 meters puts that cord because of it's length (or better, lack thereof) in antenna bandwidth of most relevant & available RFI. However I have never tried.. Given the fact that in case of Tunami GPX 2/3 of the price is termination, I don't know if this is a very interesting bet....