Oyaide Tunami & Acrolink 6N-P4030PC...

I think Oyaide and Acrolink are the same company or sister companies and looking at their interesting pc cords Oyaide Tunami & Acrolink 6N-P4030PC I thought that it must be the same cables, am I right? The price is almost the same.
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The Oyaide Tunami and Acrolink are really quite different.

The Tunami features a palladium over gold plated plug.
The Acrolink is rhodium over silver.

Purity of the copper used in the Acrolink is higher for the hot and neutral. Stranding is .26mm X 100 strands

The Oyaide uses ultra pure single crystal copper, but only in the ground. Stranding is .32mm X 69 strands

They are seperate companies but do share technologies and processes such as plating of plugs. Acrolink, however, only makes one plug which is the carbon fiber series. The plug that you see on the Acrolink 6N-P4030PC is most likely an Oyaide plug but with the Acrolink wire.
The Acrolink P4030 is available with any of the Oyaide connectors (Palladium over Gold, Direct Gold, or Rhodium over Silver) through Audio Excellence Az.
It offers very good value.
Don't know anything about the Tunami.
Thanks Michael and Rpf.

Is it possible to find the Acrolink bulk?
My problem is that I already have Furutech rhodium connectors (which cost me a lot) and I want to terminate with those an Acrolink or Tunami or Vhaudio -bulk- power cable.
You can purchase the Tunami bulk from VHAudio.
Try VH Audio or Audio Excellence Az.