Oyaide SWO-GX, R1, or Shunyata SR-Z1?

I want to upgrade my Leviton hospital grade outlets on my dedicated lines for my McIntosh tube amp and Lamm LL2 pre, and I'm down to these options based on availability around here.

I gathered good things said about the SWO-GX in this forum, and some people loving the R1s while some others thought it was too bright and/or lean sounding. Basically no comments about the Shunyatas. Anybody willing to share experiences?

If you're looking to tune your system, then by all means get the Oyaide. The GX is warmer than the R1.

I haven't heard the Shunyata.

I've found that the most neutral outlets are the Avatar Afterburner 8 and Porter Port recepticles.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

In my experience the Oyaiade R-1 is pretty neutral sounding. Anyone finding it bright or lean, IMHO the issue is with their gear, not the outlet. Ditto for the Oyaide C-004/P-004 connectors.
OK, so it is safe to assume the R1 is more neutral than the GX, ah?

I'm looking at these because they are rated for 220V, which we have here. Porter isn't (I personally doubt they won't work with 220V, but they were unfriendly enough for me to look elsewhere).
Yes, the R1 is more neutral than the SWO-GX.

Just asking, what do you mean by "but they were unfriendly enough for me to look elsewhere"?

I had good luck with the Shunyata's , no real shortfalls . Iv'e since moved up to the Soloist's , I won't try to compare them because the Soloist's are more than a receptical . I hope you find some friendly ones .