Oyaide R1 Burn In Time


We I thought I would round out my system so....

I just purchased two R1's. One for my McIntosh MC402 amp and one for my McIntosh C200 and Marantz SA-7S1. Neither of the above would be considered bright sounding.

My speakers Dynaudio Confidence 5's

Power Cords are the Lessloss with the Oyaide C079 connectors.

My system nows sounds bright, thin, lack of mid-bass or warmth. What I am hearing is it burn-in issue or what this outlet sounds like.

It sounds really thin, evening playing tube recordings from the 50's. No soul left to the system.

Thanks for you input!
I would say neither. If you flipped the neutral and live while installing them it would give you the lovely sound that you are hearing. Assuming that is not the case, what you describe is very much atypical for the R1 esp contected to 079's. From your system and pc's most of it tends to error on the slighty warm side not bright. The dyna's can be a little on the ruthless side but that tends to be more when they are underpowered which in your case they certianly are not. What other cabling are you using?
I have absolutely no experience with the R1 so cannot comment on its sonic signature but if your R1's were cryoed and not burnt in following the cryo (I believe Alan Kafton at Audioexcellence burns all his in but am not sure about other vendors) then the sound you are describing would be typical of cryoed, non-burned in receptacle.

Ask your seller if 1) the receptacles were cryoed and 2) if so, if they were conditioned post cryo. If the answer is yes to number 1 and no to #2, take them out of your system and put them on a fridge or chest freezer for about a month, burning in each half of the receptacle for about 2 weeks.

Then put them back in your system.
No I have checked the wiring and it is fine. I have a polarity checker.

I recieved a reply from the person I purchased them from and they were not burned in or cryoed, he suggested about 100 hours to settle in.

Man but do these outlets sound strange at first, hopefully not for long, sounds like a cheap s.s system.

I have heard from other 079 users and they say the R1 works great with the 079's.

Never found the Dynaudio Confidnce 5 to be ruthless, honest yes, but nowhere near the current confidence or a lot of todays tipped up speakers.

I enjoyed the 5's more than the B&W 802's that I demo also.

Thanks for your input.
All cables are Lessloss, I.C. and speaker cables are the MIT Magnum 1's.
There is a lot of info on the R1 break in on the Tweakers Asylum on AA. Just type in "R1 break in" in the search for a lot of interesting threads.


Click on link and type in "R1 break in" in the "find" box.

Sherod had some good advice there. There are dealers of the R1 who say that people apparently hear changes as much as 500 hours later.

I'd be putting the refrigerator or chest freezer on those receptacles-2 to 3 weeks for each half regardless. Some will say let your equipment break it in, but the fridge will get it there faster and do more than your equipment can to maximize its performance.
Thanks I did. I came home last night after leaving the system running all day, I also plugged in my vaccum that draws a huge amount of current and vaccumed for 20 mins.

I played the same disc that I played in the AM before work and it was a huge imporvement from top to bottom. I was happy to hear the imporvement so I shall now continue to let the R1 burn-in and see if the improvement continues.

Thanks to all.
I have R-1's all over now. I had the opposite experience. My MF Trivista SACD>Placette passive >CJ Bi-amp SS system became warmer and nicer in the HF. There was less bass but it was nicer in character. I still remember my wife and I's first listen. We were both pleasantly surprised. The system became more laid back in character. I also use the Oyaide WPC-Z cover which I have come to believe is very beneficial. Over time there was no noticeable change from first listen. Mine were cryo'd. My P-300 got upgraded(components and outlets) and it was edgy at first and got better with time. About a month I'd say- or 50-100 hours. Good luck. Get a WPC-Z or two even though they cost more than the outlets.

Do you have R1's in the '300? If so, were they hard to retrofit?
Hello Phillyb, What you're describing is what I ran into during the summer last year. I put the R-1's on a fridge, tv and freezer for about 2 weeks and then installed them in my system. I had three R-1's and was also running the WPC-Z outlet covers. The R-1's were very open sounding and a bit bright initially. The mids and bass were OK, but not up to the Wattgate 381 gold that I'm used to. I had and still have one Isoclean duplex outlet that I use on my sources. I left the R-1's in for about three weeks. At the three week mark, they had become more balanced tonally, but sounded just a bit dull. At this point, I put my Wattgate 381gold outlets in my system--(one for preamp and two for amps) to see what kind of contrast that I had between the two brands of outlets. The Wattgates were clearer, more dynamic and more extended at the frequency extremes. I just left the Wattgates in and sold the Oyaides. It is possible that the Oyaides have a very long breakin. Wattgate 381gold have a 300+ hour breakin, so maybe I didn't give the Oyaides enough of a chance to burn in. Not including the burn in on the fridge, tv and freezer for two weeks, I figure that the Oyaides had about 200 hours on them when I pulled them out. I'm thinking of getting one R-1 to try on my preamp again, but this time I want to leave the Oyaide on my fridge for at least 6 weeks. If you're handy, I'd put them on your fridge and freezer for over a month and try them in your system again then. Running a osscilating fan through your outlets 24/7 would be a big help if you want to leave them in their present position. Just my .02 cents worth.
I agree with Talon4, Gold outlets tend to work with most equipment better. I had the Oyaide swo-xxx and the R1 in my system and tryed to burn each one in for over 2 months running them through a large Air purification unit when not listening to my equipment, but everytime I sat down for a listen I lost that warmth and gained a bright and brittle sound. I ended up with the Oyaide SWO-GX which gave me the body and detail back and lost that hard brittle sound. I had the SWO-GX in my system for a year and could not be happier. I find outlets make a big difference. The only conclusion I can make is if you have a bold and very warm system the R1s will most likely work for you.