Oyaide outlets

I just recently have been reading about these outlets and decided to give one a try for my system.My question is are there any audiogoners out there that have tried the SWO-GX or the SWO-XXX and which did you prefer.My system is SET with horns and was wondering which outlet would be the better match.I would like to try and get this right the first time as i have never swapped out an outlet before.From what i am reading i will probably be happy with either of these but i was wondering if the lushness of the GX may suite my horns better or will the added detail of the XXX be more the ticket?Also is cryoing definitely the way to go with these.I have had success with other cryo'd PC's but was wondering if there can be to much of a good thing?That could be another thread altogther i guess-never mind ; \
Thanks for all input in advance!

They are effective and pretty much live up to the hype - I got all but the silver and they all have their merits. I'd try one of each and sell/return the one(s) that don't work out for you. What I found was certain components worked better with certain outlets and the only way I could find which I preferred was to listen. The characterization is pretty accurate from the way they're described on the website, so if you can't try them you probably know which balance is best for your setup.

FWIW I got the double cryoed from Alan Kafton and I have been told it makes a significant improvement, but haven't been able to compare to the non cryoed.

BTW, I'd do this as a last step to voicing your system once you're pretty well done with all else, i.e. cables, interconnect, conditioning, etc.
I agree with Owl, call Alan at 602.277.0799. I'd suggest the SWO-XXX, the SWO-GX might be a little too lush for tubes.
Seekburk....I always offer a no-sweat exchange if a customer wishes to change outlets. The point is to find what offers the best synergy, and provides the most satisfaction for you. I've even sent a second and different outlet for customers to try after the fact, so one can choose without risk.

As far as something being "too much of a good thing", that might be the case if you don't enjoy more refinement and more musical information from your system. That's what I've consistently experienced with proper cryogenic treatment, and why I committed my resources to this procedure for the last several years.

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Thanks guys!!
Well i can't beat being able to exchange the outlet.Thanks for the response Alan.I will most certainly be contacting you shortly.I am definitely looking forward to hearing one of them in my system.
Hi Seekburk,
I'm curious what Oyaide outlet you chose and how it's working out in your system?
Just a couple of thoughts about the Oyaide's (the outlets and the connectors), they can indeed be 'too much of a good thing', specifically if your system is already very highly tuned and refined. And cryoing can exacerbate this effect. The reason for this should be obvious, in that much of the high-end gear we all use was not 'voiced' using Oyaide's or cryo'ed AC products of any kind.
In my main system, I use all cryo'ed FIM 880 outlets (the version prior to the current gold-plated models), and they are terrific. When I tried the Oyaide outlets (one of each), I found them to be a little too 'in your face', as well as obscuring fine bass differentiation.
I also had issues with an Oyaide connector on my (former) reference power cord. The owner of the audio salon that I've done business with for 25 years spoke very highly of the improvement the F1/M1 connectors made to the (name withheld to protect the innocent from going off-topic) power cord. He loaned me his re-terminated version of my PC, and It was frankly terrible. Shrill, spotlit, all of the adjectives typically used to define unnatural brightness. And bass? What bass? You could hear it only by listening for it. Frankly, it made my system sound like it was powered by an A/V receiver on steroids. After reviewing the materials used in the F1/M1 connectors, it makes me suspect that lowered conductivity/high resistance may be the culprit. Those connectors are made with beryllium copper, platinum, and palladium, all of which are poor conductors compared to copper, gold, silver or even high-cu brass.
Now before I get flamed, please note that I have heard Oyaide products in other systems in which they sounded fine, but in my highly-tweaked system, they were just too much.
After reviewing the materials used in the F1/M1 connectors, it makes me suspect that lowered conductivity/high resistance may be the culprit. Those connectors are made with beryllium copper, platinum, and palladium, all of which are poor conductors compared to copper, gold, silver or even high-cu brass.

The late ( and *highly* respected ) Bob Crump always stood for the ACME.

With psychic power and primal intensity,
With all due respect to the late Bob Crump, what does Tplavas' quote have anything to do with ACME?
Hi Guys, I'm rather late in joining this thread, but I was wondering how the Oyaide outlets stacked up against the Wattgate 381 and the Isoclean Ag wall socket ICP-003G-(Isoclean's newest outlet)? I have had both, the Wattgate 381 outlets and the Isoclean ICP-002J outlet, in my system for quite some time now. Thanks! Stan
I can't use them, as they only take 12g wires.

After listening to 12g vs 10g wires for dedicated lines in my system, I won't go back to 12g. And then listening to 10g stranded v 10g solid, I won't go back to stranded. The size of stage is larger(both width, depth, and height), there is a more confident pace and swagger to the system with solid core, much better PRaT (this was 10g solid vs Stranded - both made the 12g sound "clogged" or veiled). Like better interconnects between preamp and monoblock amps.(I have 4 dedicated lines, for various gear, same phase of the pannel; all were very well broken in both in terms of amperage and time, and could compare various gear for best synergy)

So I stick to Acme and FIM. The Acme's really do the focus of deep bass and hall info like no other, and the FIM's are musical, yet still detailed. I use what works synergy wise with various gear (digital seperated from analog, and amps, and preamps,....)
FYI....Oyaide outlets were designed and built to accommodate 10-gauge solid-core wire.

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Hi Monk, I didn't know that the Oyaide outlets couldn't take a 10 gauge wire. Thanks for the info. I'm running a dedicated subpanel with four 8' runs of 10 gauge Romex 10/2 from the subpanel to the wall outlets. I'll never use 12 gauge wire again either. The 10 gauge difference in my system was enormous. Dynamics, soundstage, clarity, bass response, and musicality all excelled beyond anything that I had experienced up to that point. The bigger gauge wire helps the system perform to it's potential. It's like the difference between a 66 Pontiac GTO and a Volkswagon beetle. Stan
Hi Alan, Thanks for the clarification. How do they compare to the Isoclean or Wattgate outlets? Stan
I've not directly compared the Oyaide to Isoclean or Wattgate. All are very fine products, and ultimately, things come down to a matter of personal preference. When we read of an end user stating that one product was "better", I always take that comment with a bottle of salt. Each product (substrate and plating) offers a different tonal quality, a different sonic perspective, and in some cases a different emphasis in the frequency range. Do you like a Stratocaster or a Les Paul Custom? A vintage Martin, or a Takamine? All are very good, but we will likely prefer one over another. Food for thought in our hobby.

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I tried one of the new Oyaide SWO-XX Ultimo outlets from Cryoparts, and it was too warm in the middle. It made female voices sound very 'husky', and the upper treble was pretty 'tizzy'. Don't know how it sounds uncryo'd.
Hi Alan, That was eloquently stated. If I decide to try an Oyaide outlet, you get my vote. Sorry to put you on the spot. Best wishes. Cheers, Stan
any idea how the new oyaide outlets grip strength holds up over time? i know the earlier models lost grip strength over time, just as the furutechs & jena labs do.

only outlets that i know of that hold the grip ad infinitum are isoclean and (yuk) hubell.

Rhyno, From my experience, my Isoclean ICP-002J--(now replaced by the ICP-003) holds just slightly above average. I still had to add some upper holding support-(a string) to hold my Shunyata powercord in place. On the other hand, my Wattgate 381 outlets are so tight that some of the plating has come off off my powercord's blades and I've occasionally found some small metal shavings on the blades from unplugging and replugging the powercord over time. Stan
Tplavas...."warm in the middle"?? Your experience is a bit odd for the XXX, as the palladium-over-gold contacts are the leanest of the entire group. If the upper treble "was tizzy" as well, I would suggest it wasn't fully conditioned. The new Ultimo's have heavier contacts, and consequently will require longer conditioning than other outlets. Then again, the interaction with certain power cables can cause a sonic mismatch. As you well know, finding synergy can be a crapshoot....it's not always plug-and-play.
Rhyno....the Ultimo's have only recently hit the US shores, so long-term evaluation is premature at this time. As I've used the original Oyaide in my line conditioner (for nearly a year-and-a-half), I've not had any gripping problems, nor have I heard of any from customers. What power cables did you use that created this problem?

Interestingly, the "jena labs" outlet you mentioned *is* a Hubbell HBL5362. Some find it grips beautifully, others using very heavy cabling (like an Elrod or VD) find that it does lose its grip over the long haul. Which Hubbell model did you find that didn't have this "grip strength"?
I can't remember what gauge I ran for my 20 amp dedicated circuit. I know it was to code. Does anyone know what NEC recommends for a 20 amp circuit? Yes, I know it may be different locally but I think CA conforms (eventually).
not sure on the jena-hubbell model, but its whatever is in use in fcrowder's system, and its obviously losing grip strength. brown in color if that helps...

cable used that compromosed the oyaide grip strength is acrolink (i.e. heavy, but not terribly heavy), complete w/ oyaide male AC plugs.
Considering the original question, I'd also like to add that Furutech will be introducing new outlets very soon as well, so it'll be interesting to hear what they have to offer. I've found their FI-25 AC connectors to be the best out there, so I'm very curious.
With that in mind, I'll check out what's new at CES. I usually stop in to see Frank and Patti every show.
An Isoclean wall socket replaced a Porter Port in one of my customers' systems. The outlet feeds his entire system which plugs into an Isoclean noise filter with dual power transformers. He couldn't get over the improvement new out of the box. Of course YMMV, and disclaimers apply.