Oyaide mat and stabilizer

Hi all

Did anyone try the Oyaide mj12 mat and the stb-ms stabilizer?
Any real upgrade or voodoo stuff ?

Thanks to all repliers
I have the Oyaide mat and stabilizer, definitely not voodoo.

All mats contribute to the sound of the turntable and therefore the music. I've had dozens of mats in my system and the Oyaide is very good, probably in the realm with TT Mats copper version.

The Oyaide is not as good as the Micro Seiki Cu-180 or TTM stainless but both are much more money than the Oyaide.

The Oyaide mat sounds better with several other brand clamps than it's matching counterpoint but the Oyaide weight is light years ahead of running the mat with no clamp or weight at all.
I really like the STB-MS stabilizer on my Lenco rebuild. Its weight is adjustable in 40g steps from 200 to 440g, so you can kind of tune it to your system. I'm using it at 280g. Never tried the mat.