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Hello fellow music lovers,

I had an interesting experience recently with Oyaide plugs that I would like to share. By the way, I am not in the industry and I don't have any friends or relatives in the industry. These are my personal observations. I live overseas and wanted to change the plugs on the ends of my non-active Synergistic Research Master Couplers to see if I could get more low level detail and warmth coming through. So I decided to buy an Oyaide P-037 for my Marantz CDP to provide greater resolution and an Oyaide P-079 for my Marantz PM-15 to provide more warmth -- via a transformer. This is the original 1994 model. Well, the combination has exceeded my expectations -- detail plus warmth. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Do a search over at Audio Asylum Cable and Tweaks forum's for Oyaide and be prepared to be inundated with peoples reactions to all things Oyaide...



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I currently use 2 Oyaide Tunami power cords DIY terminated with 004 plugs/IEC connectors on my mono block amps and they sound great. At the roughly $250 cost per cord I have in them, they are unbeatable!

They didn't sound great at first though....the break-in time is substantial for these products, but well worth the wait.

If you are lucky, you can buy used Oyaide on Audiogon once in a while at at decent discount.

The only downside is that there are numerous fake Oyaide plugs/IECs out there, mostly on EBAY.

It is fairly easy to know which are authentic or not:

No Hologram - likely FAKE (I think this recent feature),
No UL indication on end of plug - FAKE,
Big discount for new product - probably FAKE,
Round head screws to hold the barrel of the connector to the plug/IEC where the wires attach - FAKE, authentic Oyaide plugs/IEC use cylindrical head screws

I am happy to report that I got one seller kicked off of EBAY for selling fakes.......of course, he probably opened shop again under another user name.

Thanks very much for your comments. I buy my Oyaides from vhaudio.com in the States and have them shipped over. I have heard differing opinions on the Tunami cords. I have never tried them. All I know is that I am very happy with the sound from the Oyaides spliced onto the Master Couplers. I am using the SR stock IECs. The plugs are head and shoulders above the stock SR plugs. No comparison.
UPDATE: I have just upgraded my system and installed 2 P-004 Oyaide plugs and 2 C-004 Oyaide IECs. My system has been transformed. The Oyaides have produced at least as significant an improvement as upgrading a component. The Oyaides should be considered components, IMHO. I am not associated with them in any way, by the way. Just a very happy customer.
Can you verify based on pictures if wyang is selling oryginals on audiogon: